Brad Pitt donates $100k to gay marriage

2012-11-01 07:47
Los Angeles - Brad Pitt has donated $100 000 to a campaign in support of gay marriage.

The Oscar-nominated actor - who has previously said he won't wed fiancee Angelina Jolie until same-sex marriage is legalised - is backing the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in their efforts to campaign for marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington State.

In an e-mail to HRC supporters, Brad wrote: "It's unbelievable to me that people's lives and relationships are literally being voted on in a matter of days.

"But that's the system we have and I'm not going to back down from the fight for loving and committed couples to have the ability to marry.

"If you're like me, you don't want to have to ask yourself on the day after the election, what else could I have done?"


HRC president Chad Griffin said the organisation is "proud" to be supported by the Hollywood superstar.

He said: "[Brad's money] delivers vital resources into these campaigns.

"We're proud to be working with him as we show that fundamental fairness will win at the ballot box."

Brad - who raises six children with Angelina - recently admitted he can't see himself marrying until gay marriage is legalised.

Asked about his wedding plans, he said: "I'm still hoping we'll figure out our marriage equality in the States before then."


  • - 2012-11-01 08:18

    Brad boy stop looking for approval and attention.The day you slept with jolie you made her your wife and she had your kids.Grow up.Another wacko.I've lost respect for you's as a couple.

      james.hurley.1401 - 2012-11-01 16:41

      @hephzibah - whether you like it or not, some people actually care about equality more than an ancient, irrelevant, politically-dated book

  • - 2012-11-01 08:22

    Uh angie, i can't marry you girl.Why brad?Because uh....uh johnny can't sleep with jimmy,that's why. Oh ok.

      philjoubert - 2012-11-01 09:01

      So... He makes a stand for what he believes in and this is your reply. Is it possible that it's just because you don't like what he's saying?\r\n\r\nI've seen you defend your right to express your personal beliefs in the most verbose ways on these forums. Hmmmm.\r\n\r\nMaybe think a li'l before posting mkay?\r\n\r\nThankfully you don't make the rules and what people do for love and acceptance is none of your business.

      mbossenger - 2012-11-01 13:45

      It wasn't a stick, Wesley, it was (allegedly) a cross - what a lousy way to spend easter, especially since it's not even a christian holiday....

      james.hurley.1401 - 2012-11-01 16:42

      @hephzibah I read a scholarly article which argues that there is mounting evidence that Jesus liked to have kinky bdsm sex

  • charlie.elford.5 - 2012-11-01 08:26

    Give the man a Bells! A lot of people can learn from him.

  • xoli.xuma - 2012-11-01 08:32

    r u not playing double standards brad?

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-11-01 09:22

      How so?

  • thunder.clap.587 - 2012-11-01 08:48

    Do you know what's causing hurricanes?

      robbie.crouch - 2012-11-01 09:01

      Truth never goes down well...

      Mark - 2012-11-01 11:10

      LMFAO! Another Fire and Brimstone wacko.

      mbossenger - 2012-11-01 13:42

      Warm humid air rising?

      james.hurley.1401 - 2012-11-01 16:43

      haha this tool stole this from my comment on another thread - this right-wing fool of a pastor (aren't they all?) in the United States claimed that gay people cause hurricanes *yawn*. More irrational rubbish from the religious zealot neo-nazis

  • irma.white.9 - 2012-11-01 08:53

    That's nice. People must stop living and judging as if they are perfect and it's great to see such a big name (whether we like him or not) doing something good.

      Mark - 2012-11-01 11:12

      You can see all the homophobes on this article giving all the thumbs downs. What are they so afraid of? Perhaps they need to come out of the closet themselves.

      james.hurley.1401 - 2012-11-01 16:45

      @gabriella - i'm sorry but I don't think that my having the right to be with my partner if he is dying in hospital is an 'immoral' issue. It's a human rights issue. What have you done to help starving kids? Do you even care about other people or are you just content to sit back and dish out the criticisms about other people's 'immorality' without bothering to consider your own? Another fool with an unexamined, blinkered life. Congrats.

      james.hurley.1401 - 2012-11-03 15:51

      @Gabriella - the fact is that in most of the United States where marriage is 'illegal', not only do gay or lesbian spouses not have hospital visitation rights, they also do not have the same rights of inheritance, so if their spouse dies they are hit with massive taxes as though they were just a casual friend. Esteemed photographer Annie Leibowitz has spoken of how when her partner Susan Sontag died she was almost bankrupted by the lack of equal rights afforded her. To me, when people's entire livelihoods hang in the balance, this IS about human rights. There are people who need, true - then why is one of the biggest 'Christian' organizations in America - the National Organization for Marriage - raking in millions to fight gay marriage while people starve elsewhere? Do Christians really have the moral higher ground here? No. Why? Because they're not even pouring campaign money into fighting for anyone's rights. They're pouring money into preventing loving couples from cementing their relationships and having legal protections. Get a life. I don't respect your opinion, because denying people the right to celebrate their personal relationships (which do not harm anyone else) is cruel and is the real evil and immorality.

  • buti.lembe - 2012-11-01 13:19

    Money talks whether is good or bad.

  • bashin.monyela - 2012-11-01 13:40

    Who is Gay Marriage and why have they written his name is small caps? He must be probably be happy about all that money he just received.

  • Mlu.Tolo - 2012-11-01 14:11

    Angelina Jolie... Best!

  • joel.masola - 2012-11-01 17:00

    That is disgusting nxa

      Atholl Hay - 2013-06-27 11:12

      People being allowed to marry the person they love is disgusting?! You need help.

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