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Jennifer Aniston's love for Bitmojis is life!

2016-04-14 21:00

Los Angeles - Jennifer Aniston thinks she isn't "interesting" enough to be on social media but loves to use emojis and Bitmojis.

The Mother's Day actress - who is married to Justin Theroux - has no desire to join public sites such as Twitter or Instagram as she finds simple text messaging is all she needs to communicate.

When she does text, the 47-year-old actress is a big fan of emojis and Bitmojis and as well as her own personalised cartoon avatar, she loves creating them for other people.

She told E! News: "I love me a good emoji...I love Bitmojis. I like to make people's Bitmojis."

When her Mother's Day co-star Jason Sudeikis jokingly called her an "artist" for her digital design efforts, she added: "I am. That's what I'm good at." 

Watch Jen excitedly describe her love for Bitmojis here:

(Picture: Bitmoji app)



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