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Khloe Kardashian's 5 tips on how to handle annoying family members

2015-12-27 08:00

Los Angeles - Dealing with annoying family members over the festive season? Khloe Kardashian has got your back with best ways to handle them!

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared five tips on coping with "annoying family members" over the holidays, and admitted she particularly dislikes "The No-Good Nosy One".

Not only does she perfectly name 5 categories of annoyance but she also gives some advice on what to do when you're about to lose it.

Here are Khloe's top 5 tips to handle your family this festive season:

1. The One-Upper One

Definition: This one is "super-annoying"

Tip: "Smile through your teeth and have a point person who will keep an eye on you. Whenever they see the one-upper chatting you up, it's their responsibility to call you in another direction. (sic)"

2. The No-Good Nosy One

Definition: The name says it all.

Tip: "The minute you feel like someone is being nosy, be as vague as possible. I know who is being effing nosy and I make it a point to give very short answers if they're meddling in my bidness. (sic)"

3. The Drunk One

Definition: Again, its all in the name.

Tip: "It's the holidays, let them have a good time! We've all been the drunk relative at some point, LOL!!! Not gonna lie, sometimes it's semi-entertaining. (sic)"

4. The Over-Sharer

Definition: The one that has no emotional filter.

Tip: "I have empathy for this person. They just need to talk - so let them talk! When it gets to be too much, call someone else over. (sic)"

5. Your Relatives' Significant Others

Definition: Those awkward boyfriends/girlfriends that are nervous AF to meet the family.

Tip: "I hate meeting significant others during the holidays because it can be exhausting. But, you just gotta grin and bear it. Let the couple figure it out! (sic)"


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