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2009-12-02 15:31

These days, sports stars are bigger celebrities than movie stars because, well, they generally make more money. And everyone knows a celebrity without a scandal isn't worth his salt.

In light of Tiger Woods' 'car accident', we take a look at some of the most memorable follies of the fit. 

Tiger Woods
The world's most famous and successful golfer just isn't content with fame, fortune and a smoking-hot wife, it seems. The official story is that Tiger had a car accident last week and his wife was seen beating in the window with a golf club to 'free' him. Later reports suggest that she was beating the car before he tried to drive away and subsequently crashed. So why did Elin Nordegren take a club to her hubbie? It's rumoured that he's been cheating on her with Rachel Uchitel, some say since June already. More recently, the interweb's sleaziest celeb 'news' site, TMZ, told Ryan Seacrest that they had a recording of Tiger telling a friend that he needed to buy his wife a "Kobe". In case you didn't know, basketballer Kobe Bryant bought his wife a $4 million "I'm sorry I cheated" ring. Not that we think it would work. His fiery Swedish wife doesn't look like the type to be placated by bling. 

James Small
Rugby's original bad boy was aggressive on the field and off. His much-publicised 'stormy' (he said it, not us) relationship with model and part-time rapper Christina Storm turned violent and he admitted to abusing her during their time together. He was so cut up about his atrocious behaviour that he had a breakdown soon afterwards, which resulted in his rumoured attempted suicide. Since then, he's been rather quiet. Silent but violent, perhaps?

OJ Simpson
Even Earl Hickey knows karma is a bitch. Due to a clever lawyer, lots of money and a sneaky glove, OJ Simpson was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. It's known as one of the longest and most publicised criminal trials in American history. The public was divided on whether he was guilty or not, but OJ did eventually have his day in jail. Last year he was sentenced to at least nine years behind bars for a violent robbery and assault. All those years on the football field must have taken its toll on his brain, because that's just stupid, man!

Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod)
The New York Yankees baseball star isn't really as scandalous as some of the other sportsmen here, but he's a cheater nonetheless. Or so his wife says. Before the rumours of his relationship with Madonna, no one outside of America really knew his name. Cynthia Rodriguez  filed for divorce last year citing 'emotional abandonment' and 'extramarital affairs'. Not that he had much emotion to spare after years of steroid use anyway. The Major Leaguer is currently dating Kate Hudson. Any dibs on who he'll leave her for?

Herschelle Gibbs
Keeping cricket interesting since 1996! We don't have enough space to detail all his misdemeanours, but he's one sporting star that can't seem to stay out of trouble. From being caught smoking marijuana on tour (a popular choice for sportsmen, it seems) to being involved in the Hansie Cronje match-fixing scandal to racist comments on the field and more, Herschelle has spent almost as much time on bans as he has on the field. Despite all this controversy, he's still a star on the pitch and a favourite in the hearts of his fans.

Michael Phelps
The golden boy of the pool became America's hope for a sensible, well brought up next generation, until he was photographed taking a hit from a marijuana bong. So that's how he managed to get eight gold medals at the Olympics?!

Mike Tyson
No stranger to scandal, Mike Tyson has had it rough. Besides his hunger for Evander Hollyfield's ear, he also had a need for power of his women. His ex-wife Robyn Givens accused him of abuse and mental instability, and in 1992 he was convicted of rape and spent three years in the tjoekie. Proof that steroids make you crazy!

Percy Montgomery
Rugby's golden-locked boy isn't as amiable as he appears on screen. The Springbok was arrested in October after his wife Tasmin laid charges of assault against him (she should take some lessons from Elin Nordegren). He apparently 'squeezed her leg' and 'threw a punch at her'. Sounds more kinky than cruel, but okay. The charge was later withdrawn, after Percy forked out R1500 bail.

Andre Agassi
This one's a toughy. No one caught him on camera or outted him. In October, Andre Agassi admitted to using crystal meth during his tennis career. All is revealed in his new autobiography Open. After lying to authorities about it back in 1997, Andre's conscience caught up with him. Maybe it was a publicity stunt to sell more books, but he's still just a has-been tennis star, so it didn't really work.

Joost van der Westhuizen
C'mon... need we say anything? Read here, here and here if you don't know what we're talking about. 

What sporting scandals stand out in your memory? Dish the dirt in the comment box below.

These days, sports stars are bigger celebrities than movie stars because, well, they generally make more money. And everyone knows a celebrity without a scandal isn't worth his salt. publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

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