Five new movie posters that are actually pretty awesome

A movie poster is normally the first clue to whether or not the film will be worth the watch.

5 GIFs that make us happy Liam Hemsworth is single

Liam Hemsworth insists he is single. That's enough for us. We believe him.



Lea Michele puked while singing Let It Go

2015-01-23 16:00

Lea Michele has revealed she vomited while she was being filmed singing Frozen song Let It Go on Glee after choking on some snow.  Read More »


Felicity Jones drinks red wine to help her cry in movie scenes

2015-01-17 14:00

Felicity Jones often practices trying to cry on demand in front of a mirror but joked she also enjoys drinking "loads of red wine" the night before she needs to film a crying scene. Read More »

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