Trevor Noah’s old tweets have been dug up and they could end his new career before it even starts!

Shocker! Zayn Malik celebrates his 'normal life' by releasing a demo of his brand new single


Robin Williams' family agree to negotiate his estate

Susan Schneider, Robin Williams and daughter Zelda pose for a photo. (Getty Images)

Robin Williams' widow and his three children have agreed to out-of-court negotiations in a battle over parts of the late actor's estate.  Read More »


Hugh Jackman's Wolverine claws come out for the last time

2015-03-30 18:00

Hugh Jackman has hinted that a third Wolverine movie will be his last as the comic book character after posting a cryptic message on his Instagram account.  Read More »


Home finds shelter in the top slot at the box office!

2015-03-30 14:36

Animated children's flick Home, about an unpopular space alien forced to flee his own kind, took up residence at the box office.  Read More »


This movie is as entertaining as it is serious

2015-03-28 17:00

Although made famous by satirist Jon Stewart, Rosewater is a solid look at journalistic freedom in a country marred by political suppression. Read More »

Al Pacino hits all the right notes in Danny Collins

2015-03-28 15:00

Al Pacino plays a flawed ageing rocker with a heart of gold. And the bonus is he doesn't sing too bad either. Read More »


Approach this Chris Rock dramedy with caution!

2015-03-28 14:00

Divisive and flawed it may be, but Top Five is unquestionably a major turning point for Chris Rock and a clearly personal and passionate piece of work. Read More »

This movie will have you yawning through its Carrie-like scare tactics

2015-03-28 12:00

This predictable done to death horror movie will not have you hiding behind your hands too scared to look at the screen. Read More »


The Boy Next Door is great to look at, but that’s all..

2015-03-28 11:00

JLo is solid in it, and the 'boy next door' is actually not a bad actor. It’s worth seeing if you're up for the classic stalker type film.  Read More »


Fifty Shades director says laters, baby!

2015-03-26 14:52

Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson has confirmed she will not be returning to direct the next movie in the franchise. Read More »


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