WATCH: The Rolling Stones have released a brand new music video featuring Kristen Stewart and she looks hot!

Andrew Sachs who played the Spanish waiter Manuel in Fawlty Towers has died. He was 86 years old



This local flick won't tickle everyone's funny bone

2016-12-03 08:01

While a visually beautiful film, Jonathan might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Read More »

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone: Movies' new power couple

2016-12-02 20:00

The charming Los Angeles musical La La Land seals it: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have entered the ranks of great cinematic couples. Read More »


Sigourney Weaver teases us with new details about Avatar

2016-12-02 14:40

Sigourney Weaver has teased fans of Avatar that the scripts for the sequels are far more impressive than the first movie. Read More »


Kate Beckinsale still kicks butt in Underworld!

2016-12-04 20:01

With a little less spunk than its predecessors, Underworld: Blood Wars is still pretty much what you expect from the franchise, in all it’s leathery goodness. Read More »


LONG-READ: Felicity Jones talks about her role in Inferno

2016-12-01 14:14

Felicity Jones sat down for a Q&A about her role in the film and what it was like working with Tom Hanks and Ron Howard. Read More »


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