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We review the 3 new films in SA cinemas this weekend

Now showing in cinemas. (Photos supplied)

The Autobots, a tale about the Armenian genocide and a teen tearjerker roll out in cinemas this weekend.   Read More »


Oscar Isaac carries this tragically beautiful film

2017-06-24 07:00

This movie about Armenian refugees is not easy to watch but highlights an important moment in history. Read More »


The creepy toys making a killing at the box office

2017-06-23 14:10

Take away a vampire's teeth and he's just a goth that can't handle garlic. Wait for some decent cloud cover and your average werewolf is about as scary as Lassie. Read More »

Q&A: Sofia Coppola and Nicole Kidman give insight into The Beguiled

2017-06-23 14:10

Sofia Coppola and Nicole Kidman gathered to discuss their new film The Beguiled, and the reinvigorated support of women in Hollywood. Read More »


New title for Jurassic World 2 revealed

2017-06-23 11:32

The official title for the second instalment of the Jurassic World reboot has been announced.  Read More »


First SA director to win Cannes Lions Grand Prix

2017-06-22 16:00

Egg Films’ director Terence Neale became the first South African director ever to win a Grand Prix at Cannes Lions International Festival. Read More »


New doccie chronicles the rise of P Diddy

2017-06-22 13:52

Sean "Diddy" Combs is honouring his late friend The Notorious B.I.G. and all of '90s hip-hop with his new documentary. Read More »

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