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Here's everything that happened at this year's Oscars

2016-02-29 02:54

Live coverage of the 88th Academy Awards.


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29 Feb 07:05

It's a wrap. 

We're signing out until next time folks!

29 Feb 07:00


Best picture - Spotlight.

29 Feb 06:58

Leo: Let us not that this planet for granted. I do not take this night for granted.

29 Feb 06:55


Best actor - Leonardo DiCaprio. This is his first Oscar and his fifth nomination. 

29 Feb 06:51

Two more awards.

29 Feb 06:48


Best actress - Brie Larson. This is her first Oscar and nomination. 

29 Feb 06:43

Arnie posted this message of support to Sly.

@officialslystallone To me, you're the best, no matter what they say.

A video posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger) on

29 Feb 06:41

ICYMI: Here's Sam Smith honouring the LGBT community.

29 Feb 06:37


Best directing - Alejandro González Iñárritu. Second year in a row! This is his fourth win. 

29 Feb 06:32

Still to come Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. 

29 Feb 06:30

Sacha Baron Cohen brings out Ali G.

29 Feb 06:28


Best original song - The Writing's on the Wall. Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes win their first Oscar!

29 Feb 06:24

29 Feb 06:22


Best original score - The Hateful Eight. 

29 Feb 06:15

See the trailer for The Hunting Ground which, Til It Happens to You was written for. 

29 Feb 06:12

Lady Gaga on stage performing Oscar nominated song, Til' It Happens to You

29 Feb 06:10

VP Joe Biden on stage!

29 Feb 06:09


Best foreign language film - Son of Saul. 

29 Feb 06:05


Best live action short film - Stutterer.

29 Feb 06:00

Some more footage of the street segment.

29 Feb 05:57

Dave Grohl performs, Blackbird during the in memoriam segment.

29 Feb 05:52

Honourary Oscar winners: Spike Lee, Gena Rowlands and Debbie Reynolds.

29 Feb 05:51

The Girl Scouts take home $64 243!

29 Feb 05:49

Here's the trailer for the award winning short documentary, A Girl in The River. 

29 Feb 05:43


Best documentary feature film - Amy.

29 Feb 05:40


Best documentary short film - A Girl in the River. 

29 Feb 05:35


29 Feb 05:32


Best supporting actor - Mark Rylance. This is his first Oscar and nomination. 

29 Feb 05:23

Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon introduce best picture nominees, Bridge of Spies and Spotlight.

29 Feb 05:19

29 Feb 05:16

Awww. Chris working hard for that best dad ever award!

29 Feb 05:15

The Weeknd on stage performing, Earned It.

29 Feb 05:13

Mindy Kaling got her some cookies.

29 Feb 05:12


Animated feature film - Inside Out. 

29 Feb 05:10

Here's what they show during the ad break at the Oscars ceremony.

29 Feb 05:09


Animated short film - Bear Story. 

29 Feb 05:02

All of us watching. 

29 Feb 05:01

BB-8, R2-D2 and C-3PO = #squadgoals.

29 Feb 04:56


Visual effects - Ex Machina. 

29 Feb 04:49


Sound editing - Mad Max: Fury Road. That's number five if you haven't been counting. 

29 Feb 04:43


29 Feb 04:40


Best film editing - Mad Max: Fury Road! 

29 Feb 04:37


Best cinematography - The Revenant wins its first award. 

29 Feb 04:33

29 Feb 04:30

A closer look at Jennifer's stunning dress.

29 Feb 04:30

Benicio del Toro and Jennifer Garner introduce best picture nominees The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road

29 Feb 04:27


Makeup and hairstyling - Mad Max: Fury Road. That's number three. 

29 Feb 04:25

Captain America backstage. 

29 Feb 04:23


Best production design - Mad Max: Fury Road. 

29 Feb 04:20


Best costume design - Mad Max: Fury Road.

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