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2016-02-23 21:00

Los Angeles - Naomie Harris thinks Will Smith is "the nicest man she's ever worked with".

The 39-year-old actress is currently shooting Collateral Beauty with Will and she admits she's "completely in love with him" as an actor and as a person.

Speaking on UK TV show Lorraine, she said: "I'm filming with Will Smith at the moment and I'm completely in love with him. He's incredible - he's the nicest man I've ever worked with."

Meanwhile, Naomie - who was the first black woman to play Moneypenny, taking on the role in Skyfall and Spectre - has commented on the lack of diversity represented in this year's Oscar nominations.

The British star thinks there is a problem in the movie industry with representation of different ethnicities, although she has never felt as though her career has been held back because of her race.

She said: "There is a real issue with diversity and I hope it gets fixed because there are so many talented actors and actresses of different ethnicity that aren't getting the opportunities they deserve."

Naomie insists her casting as Moneypenny in the 007 franchise caused very little controversy, and audiences were very accepting of her in the part.

She said: "(I think) it's because nobody knew, it was kept top secret. It was who outed me as Miss Moneypenny ... It has just completely transformed my career being a part of this franchise."

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