Joan Rivers' doctors are worried she may end up in a vegetative state or in a 'wheelchair'

Cee Lo Green has deleted his Twitter account after tweeting some controversial views on rape

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Hard to Get

Hard to Get (Facebook)

A South African production on par with Hollywood action movies, Hard To Get was probably the best investment ever made in this industry.   Read More »



2014-08-22 10:14

It doesn't entirely live up to the story its telling but Lovelace is a solid look at the seedier side of the 1970s.  Read More »


2014-08-22 10:14

Oozing with bad science, Lucy is a forgettable bad sci-fi which pretends to be something more. Read More »


Die Spook van Uniondale

2014-08-22 10:14

A fictional tale loosely based on the legend of the ghost of Uniondale, Die Spook van Uniondale is something different but falls a bit flat with too many storylines. Read More »


The Hundred-Foot Journey

2014-08-15 14:06

If you’re into romance, comedy, emotion and learning about great cuisine then A Hundred-Foot Journey is the movie for you! Read More »

The Rover

2014-08-15 14:06

Bleak and boring, The Rover gives audiences very little to chew on. Read More »


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

2014-08-15 14:06

It's not exactly lacking in guilty pleasures, but this second trip into Sin City is more self-parody than worthwhile sequel.  Read More »


The Purge: Anarchy

2014-08-15 14:06

The premise still doesn't make a whole lot of sense but the Purge: Anarchy more than delivers in terms of pure thrills and spills.  Read More »


Jersey Boys

2014-08-08 10:57

Jersey Boys hits all the right notes musically but fails to strum the heartstrings. Read More »

Venus In Fur

2014-08-08 10:57

Another stage-to-film adaptation, Roman Polanski’s Venus in Fur is a twisted comedy where superb acting meets a bizarre and puzzling plot, leaving you unsure of whether or not you actually liked it. Read More »


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