The first official numbers of Gareth Cliff’s new online venture CliffCentral have been released

Celebrities have taken to social media to express their opinions over Israel’s attack on Gaza

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Earth to Echo

A scene in Earth to Echo (Relativity Media)

Earth to Echo is a true adventure film that will have you longing for the carefree days of being young.  Read More »


Hateship Loveship

2014-06-27 13:16

A dull, drab story that is devoid of all the messy bits that make for a really good story. Read More »

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (3D)

2014-06-13 11:48

Beautifully drawn, endearing, funny as hell and many, many feels, HTTYD2 rises above and beyond the curse of sequels and could easily be one of the best movies of the year. Read More »


The Railway Man

2014-05-23 10:07

The Railway Man is not only the story of one man’s war but the story of all wars.  Read More »


Haute Cuisine

2014-06-13 11:48

He runs the country. She runs the kitchen. Together, they serve with excellence. Read More »

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

2014-07-04 11:05

Blam! Blast! Bomb! Boom! Stuff flying everywhere. Guns shooting. Bratatat! Pew! Pew! Splat!  Read More »


X-Men: Days of Future Past

2014-05-16 07:47

Taking the best elements from the original X-Men franchise, the Origin series and the First Class reboot, Days of Future Past caters to both hard-core fans and casual movie-goers as it traverses a complete rewrite of a plot’s history. Read More »

Life of a King

2014-07-11 14:20

Think before you move. Read More »


The House of Magic (3D)

2014-06-27 13:16

If you have toddlers then get ready for a ride in their imaginations, otherwise you might want to stay at home and play with your own kitty. Either way this film is made for 8-year- olds and only 8-years-olds.  Read More »

The Grand Budapest Hotel

2014-03-14 09:43

A visual and narrative treat, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a movie you cannot afford to miss.  Read More »


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