Kate Middleton made a grand entrance wearing one of Princess Diana's favourite tiaras - the Cambridge Lover’s Knot

Big Concerts announced that Justin Bieber will be returning to South Africa as part of his latest world tour!

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Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones in Inferno. (Ster-Kinekor)

The worst of the Robert Langdon series by far, Inferno isn't just not saved by the talented people involved with it but looks all the worse precisely because everyone involved should have known better.  


The Edge of Seventeen

2016-12-02 08:46

Funny, moving, smart, expertly made and utterly truthful, The Edge of Seventeen is one the year's very best films and a highpoint in the coming of age genre. Not bad for a teen comedy.  Read More »

A United Kingdom

2016-12-02 08:46

The strength of this movie lies solely on the shoulders of its stars – Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo give stellar performances in this biopic.  Read More »



2016-12-02 08:46

It’s the classic story of girl meets boy and another boy then the world ending. Read More »

Robinson Crusoe

2016-12-02 08:46

With a weak script and safe storyline, Robinson might put you to sleep rather than keep you on the edge of your seat. Read More »



2016-11-25 08:00

Filled with magical characters, big musical numbers, and what I think are some of the best visuals Disney has produced, Moana really is an adventure everyone needs to see!  Read More »

Underworld: Blood Wars

2016-11-25 08:00

With a little less spunk than its predecessors, Underworld: Blood Wars is still pretty much what you expect from the franchise, in all it’s leathery goodness. Read More »


Almost Christmas

2016-11-25 08:00

Almost Christmas has all the festive trimmings but it lacks the cheer and heart.  Read More »


2016-11-25 08:00

While a visually beautiful film, Jonathan might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Read More »


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

2016-11-18 07:58

This magical thrill ride takes awhile to get going, but when it does, it’s a total treat.  Read More »

Maggie's Plan

2016-11-18 07:58

Maggie's Plan is Greta Gerwig's show, and once again she proves to be one of the screen's most engaging presences. Read More »


Blood Father

2016-11-11 08:45

If you’re in the mood for a lekker action flick then grab some popcorn and a Coke and enjoy this wild ride.  Read More »

Alone in Berlin

2016-11-11 08:45

Alone in Berlin had potential to be a cinematic masterpiece, but despite a great cast and compelling source material, the film fell out of its depth in terms of execution. Read More »


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