Reese Witherspoon admits she found it tough shooting the uncompromising sex scenes for her film Wild

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The Grand Seduction

2014-11-14 10:31

The Grand Seduction is a story about community, family and ending the day in the arms of the one you love Read More »


God Help the Girl

2014-11-14 10:31

God Help the Girl is like watching the hipsters play Pick-Up Sticks in De Waal park.  Read More »

The Drop

2014-11-07 08:28

In his last ever feature, The Drop is the perfect send off to the late James Gandolfini, accompanied by the subtle art of Tom Hardy’s repertoire, and the dog that will steal your heart. Read More »



2014-11-07 08:28

Another 20-something-slacker movie where the teens seem to be more mature than the adults.  Read More »

The Signal

2014-11-07 08:28

This beautifully shot sci-fi film will keep you guessing and leave you confused and a bit let down.  Read More »


Dumb and Dumber To

2014-11-14 10:30

The uninspired humour of Dumb and Dumber To does a disservice to the original. Read More »


2014-11-07 08:28

If you ever wondered how your favourite adventure film would look like in great old 3D, Tarzan 3D will sure tickle your fancy.  Read More »


When the Game Stands Tall

2014-11-07 08:28

It's not how hard you fall. It's how you get back up. Read More »


2014-10-31 11:34

Pushed for time to save the human race, can these interstellar travellers find a solution? There is only one way to find out! Read More »


The Good Lie

2014-10-31 11:34

The Good Lie is a story of family, hope and the will to survive.  Read More »

What If

2014-10-31 11:34

Predictable and formulaic, it may be, but What If is also the funniest, most romantic and most plainly enjoyable mainstream romantic-comedy to come along in a long, long time.  Read More »


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