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Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. (Twentieth Century Fox Film)

Never has film been so focused on what the fans want, and Deadpool excels beyond what we thought we wanted.  


How To Be Single

2016-02-05 09:22

Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson will have you feeling perfectly content with being single and ready to mingle. Read More »

Vir Altyd

2016-02-05 09:22

This local romantic comedy ticks all the right boxes, is well-made and delivers what it promises Read More »


A Perfect Day

2016-02-05 09:22

Never quite the sum of its parts, A Perfect Day nonetheless has more than enough going for it to recommend it as a wonderful, involving tribute to the unsung heroes of war.  Read More »


2016-01-29 08:29

You probably won't lose much if you don't catch it on the big screen but Spotlight needs to be seen, both for its beautifully realised, subtle storytelling and for the incredible story it has to tell.  Read More »


The Finest Hours

2016-01-29 08:29

The visual effects of The Finest Hours are as harrowing as the real event it was based on, masking the Disney-fied corny romance the audience is forced to partake in. Read More »

The Dressmaker

2016-01-29 08:29

The Dressmaker will entertain you, make you cry and it might even educate on how to get revenge. Read More »


The Choice

2016-01-29 08:29

Sure this love story is a bit of a cliché but if it doesn’t convince you to always let your heart decide, we don’t know what will!  Read More »

The Danish Girl

2016-01-22 06:51

The Danish Girl is an important film not only for the LGBTIQ community but heterosexual audiences too. Read More »


Dirty Grandpa

2016-01-22 06:51

Dirty Grandpa is a crude escapade of chaos that will make you laugh but may come across as offensive for sensitive viewers.  Read More »

The Hateful Eight

2016-01-22 06:51

As far as Quentin Tarantino movies go, The Hateful Eight does not come out on top of his filmography. Read More »


The 5th Wave

2016-01-22 06:51

The book has made waves on an international scale, but just how does the film adaptation of The 5th Wave compare? Read More »

The 33

2016-01-22 06:51

It’s really hard not to be moved by this remarkable true story of the 2010 Chilean miners rescue.  Read More »


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