SABC News scraps Afrikaans TV news bulletin as well as additional TV news bulletins in other African languages

Liam Payne has revealed that he thinks Zayn Malik leaving One Direction after 5 years is strange

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The Boy Next Door

Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman in The Boy Next Door (Universal Pictures)

J. Lo is solid in it, and the "boy next door" is actually not a bad actor. It’s worth seeing if you're up for the classic stalker type film.  


Top Five

2015-03-19 20:40

Divisive and flawed though it may be, Top Five is unquestionably a major turning point for Chris Rock and a clearly personal and passionate piece of work. Read More »


2015-03-19 20:40

Although made by famous satirist Jon Stewart, Rosewater is a solid look at journalistic freedom in a country marred by political suppression. Read More »


Danny Collins

2015-03-19 20:40

Al Pacino plays a flawed ageing rocker with a heart of gold. And the bonus is he doesn't sing too bad either.  Read More »

The Lazarus Effect

2015-03-19 20:40

This predictable done to death horror movie will not have you hiding behind your hands too scared to look at the screen. Read More »


Home (3D)

2015-03-19 20:40

Animated alien adventure Home with Rihanna and Jim Parsons lands with a thud. Read More »

Ballade vir 'n Enkeling

2015-03-13 07:53

Rest assured that the legendary TV show from the past has been brought back to life in the most beautiful way you could possibly imagine.  Read More »


The Divergent Series: Insurgent

2015-03-13 07:53

Although the essence of the book is there, Insurgent diverges almost completely from the book.  Read More »

McFarland, USA

2015-03-13 07:53

Kevin Costner keeps feel-good sports flick 'McFarland USA' grounded and moving. Read More »



2015-03-13 07:53

The comic tale of Charlie Darby, a man who has everything going for him. Read More »


2015-03-06 14:16

The florescent neon bubblegum duo is as out of place in Blomkamp’s dystopian Jozi as a Cape Town hipster at a braai in Pretoria Read More »


The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

2015-03-06 14:16

Despite an original plot and a two strong leads, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby tries hard to put its audience to sleep. Read More »

The Gambler

2015-03-06 14:16

This isn’t a skop, skiet and donner movie but it still has the balls of a nice action flick.  Read More »


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