Tributes continue to pour in for Soul Brothers founder and musician, David Masondo.

20 pics of the royals first family outing since Princess Charlotte's birth.

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Terminator Genisys

Emilia Clarke and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Genisys. (Paramount Pictures)

The smile of Terminator Arnie is funny, horrifying and not easily forgotten. Terminator Genisys is a good action film taken on its own merits 


Magic Mike XXL

2015-06-26 11:19

Who cares about plot, the Kings of Tampa crank up the raunchy meter in this XXL package of fun!  Read More »

Ted 2

2015-06-19 09:48

Crude, rude and silly but Ted 2 is an improvement on the already funny original and is probably the year's most consistently hilarious film to date.  Read More »


San Andreas (3D)

2015-06-19 09:48

San Andreas ultimately fails to move the earth and is a mere tremor when compared to other disaster flicks.  Read More »

Hollywood in my Huis

2015-06-19 09:48

The movie is a delight to watch and brings all those fuzzy emotions to the surface. Read More »


Inside Out

2015-06-12 10:39

Inside Out is a beautifully told story that will capture the imagination, tug at your heartstrings and turn on the waterworks.  Read More »

Wild Card

2015-06-12 10:39

Jason Statham fans will rejoice at the fantastically choreographed action sequences, but those of two-time Oscar winning screenwriter William Goldman will be disappointed at the lack of calibre from Wild CardRead More »


True Story

2015-06-12 10:39

In a time of blockbuster sequels and 3D mega-movies this film is welcome breath of fresh air. Read More »

Insidious: Chapter 3

2015-06-12 10:39

A massive improvement over its predecessor, Insidious Chaper 3 still ruins its compelling enough story and creepy atmosphere with increasingly obnoxious 'jump scares'. Read More »


5 Flights Up

2015-06-12 10:39

It’s hard to resist the charm of Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton in this adult dramedy.  Read More »

Jurassic World (3D)

2015-06-05 08:20

We sent three people (two super fans and an avid moviegoer) to watch the most anticipated remake of the year. Here’s what they had to say.  Read More »


5 to 7

2015-06-05 08:20

A love affair between the hours of 5 to 7 takes the rom-com genre and turns it on its head! Read More »

The Riot Club

2015-06-05 08:20

I was hoping the film would be a gritty mess wrapped up in a tuxedo and a top hat. But it was not.  Read More »


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