Bobbi Kristina Brown: A brief, chaotic and overwhelming life that was never really her own

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of pop legend Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown, has died

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Pixels (3D)

The cast of Pixels. (SK Pictures)

Probably one of the silliest movies to come out this year, Pixels’ complete lack of plot doesn’t detract from the nostalgia trip and the adorableness of Q*bert. 


Kidnapping Freddy Heineken

2015-07-16 15:05

Badly written, directed and acted: Kidnapping Freddy Heineken is one of the year's most inept and just plain bad “serious” films. Read More »


2015-07-16 15:05

Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold is the only good thing about an otherwise pointless and hopelessly underwhelming TV spin-off. Read More »



2015-07-23 06:32

Kept from greatness by an unnecessary plot twist, Rudderless is nonetheless a captivatingly emotional musical drama.  Read More »

Cut Bank

2015-07-10 08:02

Cut Bank may be derivative, uneven and occasionally somewhat unsure of itself but it's a very promising debut feature nonetheless.  Read More »


Black Sea

2015-07-10 08:02

If ever a movie should give you claustrophobia, this is the one. Black Sea not only explores small spaces, but the smallness of men’s hearts in the face of greed. Read More »


2015-07-10 08:02

Sunny kisses and a happy ending will fill your heart with bliss as Helen Hunt learns a life lesson every mom could relate to and don’t worry there’s some eye-candy too. Read More »


While We're Young

2015-07-10 08:02

Generation X and Generation Y collide in this generational gap dramedy. Read More »

A Royal Night Out

2015-07-10 08:02

A Royal Night Out may be fluffy nonsense but it's terrifically entertaining fluffy nonsense that's perfect light viewing for this holiday period.  Read More »


Minions (3D)

2015-07-03 08:16

Our nine-year-old critic found the gibberish language and silly behaviour of the minions "ridiculously awesome".  Read More »

Lost River

2015-07-03 08:16

Ryan Gosling attempted to carve a definitive artistic style for his directorial and writing debut with Lost River, but got lost between the fantastical and the absurd. Read More »


Life of Crime

2015-07-03 08:16

At face value Life of Crime seems like a hackneyed comedy about bumbling kidnappers, but it surprises with low-key humour and a charm you can’t quite resist. Read More »

Terminator Genisys

2015-06-26 11:19

The smile of Terminator Arnie is funny, horrifying and not easily forgotten. Terminator Genisys is a good action film taken on its own merits Read More »


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