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The wait is finally over the new James Bond flick can finally be seen on the big screen along with four other movies

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Daniel Craig in Spectre. (AP)

Overlong, messy and somewhat uncertain of itself, Spectre may not be an entirely satisfying followup to the outright excellent Skyfall, but it has more than enough great stuff to work as a mid-range, good James Bond film.  


Before We Go

2015-11-20 09:05

Chris Evens makes a good directing debut in this unconventional, drama filled romcom.  Read More »

Rock the Kasbah

2015-11-20 09:05

Without Bill Murray, Rock the Kasbah would have been a dreary fictionalised version with non-descript characters of an acclaimed documentary. Read More »


Testament of Youth

2015-11-20 09:05

It’s a graceful film that delicately explores dark themes and the real-life hell that robbed a whole generation of their youth. Read More »

Return To Sender

2015-11-20 09:05

Rosamund Pike tries very hard to engage the audience but the script and plot let her down.  Read More »


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

2015-11-13 06:41

Katniss Everdeen straps on her bow and arrow for the last time to ignite as the girl on fire! Read More »

Wolf Totem

2015-11-13 06:41

The stars of the film are indeed the wolf pack who gives deeply moving performances equal to their human co-stars. Read More »


He Named Me Malala

2015-11-13 06:41

This is a powerful film that should be seen by anyone who believes in the transformative power of education.  Read More »

'n Man Soos My Pa

2015-11-13 06:41

From the script, to the cast, to the detail in every scene – ‘n Man Soos My Pa flawlessly tugs at the heartstrings. Read More »


No Escape

2015-11-13 06:41

A mediocre action film tinged with xenophobic tendencies, No Escape is saved from the 2-star pile for it’s emotional depth. Read More »


2015-11-13 06:41

Whatever you thought a zombie movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it would be like, Maggie is the complete opposite. Read More »


The Loft

2015-11-09 14:24

Trashy nonsense, it may be, but The Loft is also a fun, sexy throwback to the very un-PC era of the pulps and trashy murder mysteries.  Read More »

How to Make Love Like an Englishman

2015-11-06 07:46

It looks nice and Brosnan and McDowell are good for a couple of laughs but, in spite of its cool title, How to Make Love Like an Englishman ranks as one of the year's most forgettable romantic comedies. Read More »


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