The Mountain Between Us

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet in The Mountain Between Us. (AP)

The Mountain Between Us starts out with some great elements but takes a wrong turn when it goes into sappy Nicholas Sparks romance terrain.  


Happy Death Day

2017-10-13 06:02

Classic slasher with a side of comedy, Happy Death Day is nothing unique but it’s a guaranteed fun night out. Read More »

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

2017-10-13 06:02

Another round with Madea and co. in a “horror comedy” that is all but guaranteed to make you lose the will to live. Read More »



2017-10-13 06:02

Gerard Butler's new disaster film is a disaster.  Read More »

The Snowman

2017-10-06 06:08

The Snowman is as pale as Oslo’s snowy white surroundings and about as exciting as a lukewarm glass of milk.  Read More »



2017-10-06 06:08

The plot of Unlocked is hard to explain but star Noomi Rapace proves as capable as the guys of being an excellent killer spy. Read More »

Shot Caller

2017-10-06 06:08

Caught between being a character-drama and a pulpy thriller, Shot Caller never really succeeds at either, despite a very impressive lead turn by Nicolaj Coster-Waldau. Read More »


The Last Word

2017-10-06 06:08

Shirley MacLaine definitely gets in the Last Word in this cute indie film. Read More »

The Whale Caller

2017-10-06 06:08

Rife with delusions of grandeur, The Whale Caller loses its audience through its flawed experimentalism. Read More »


Blade Runner 2049

2017-09-29 06:11

Blade Runner 2049 is beautiful but breaks the spell of the 1982 original.  Read More »

Good Time

2017-09-29 06:11

Good Time is as mucky as the cinema seats you’re sitting in – enough to make your skin crawl but perfectly comfortable for its purpose.  Read More »


The Big Sick

2017-09-29 06:11

This unconventional love story made us want to catch the love sickness. Read More »

My Little Pony

2017-09-29 06:11

My Little Pony is an entertaining adventure for the kids and a nostalgic trip down memory lane for adults. Read More »

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