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Jared Leto did something last night that upset us very much and we're not ready to talk about it yet

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Reese Witherspoon in Wild (20th Century Fox)

This humane story about a 1100 mike hike journey of self-discovery will have you packing your bags ready to take on the Wild


The Theory of Everything

2015-02-20 12:30

The Theory of Everything will have you reaching for the tissues - but not for the reason you would expect.  Read More »

Kill the Messenger

2015-02-20 12:30

This true story of a journalist who followed his gut will give you insight into the consequences and risks a journalist takes to be tell the truth. Read More »


Shaun the Sheep

2015-02-20 12:30

Aardman studios' latest is a marvel of silent storytelling and brilliant stop-motion animation. And yet this reviewer still didn't like it...  Read More »

The Remaining

2015-02-20 12:30

Don’t be fooled – The Remaining might look like your average Rapture horror film, but it is in fact a thinly-veiled Christian propaganda film telling us we are all going to die horrible deaths. Read More »



2015-02-20 12:30

Mortdecai is as limp an excuse of a film as the lead character’s withering little moustache.  Read More »

Hear Me Move

2015-02-20 12:30

The Mzansi dance movie might get your feet tapping but by the time you leave the cinema it will be forgotten.  Read More »


Dying of the Light

2015-02-20 12:30

Evan Lake, a veteran CIA agent, has been ordered to retire. Read More »


2015-02-13 12:15

Whiplash brings new meaning to the term 'blood, sweat and tears,' a trifecta that secures this film in the Hall of Greats. Read More »



2015-02-13 12:15

The road to misery is paved with good intentions as Cake tries and fails to make us care about the suffering of its horrible central character. Read More »

Big Eyes

2015-02-13 12:15

She created it. He sold it. And everyone bought it. Read More »



2015-02-13 12:15

The eye candy in this movie is hot but the storyline and plot not! Read More »


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