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30 Minutes or Less

2011-10-28 13:09
What it's about:

Nick is a small-town pizza delivery guy whose mundane life collides with the big plans of two wanna-be criminal masterminds. The duo kidnaps Nick and forces him to rob a bank. With only a few hours to pull off the impossible task, Nick enlists the help of his ex-best friend, Chet). As the clock ticks, the two must deal with the police, hired assassins, flamethrowers, and their own tumultuous relationship.

What the critics thought:

"The dark, biting comedy often strays into territory that can be categorized as politically incorrect, but the result is funny, engaging, and at times a little disconcerting." - James Berardinelli, ReelViews

"From the premise to the performances, everything and everybody just seems to be trying way too hard." - Rick Groen, Globe and Mail

"30 Minutes or Less may be tasteless, moronic and lacking in any redeeming social value whatsoever. But for me, at least, it was gut-bustingly funny - perhaps this waning summer season's ultimate guilty pleasure." - Lou Lumenick, New York Post

"Beholding Eisenberg in Fleischer's relentlessly vulgar and un-funny 30 Minutes or Less is akin to watching a ring-tested champion punch far below his weight. What a comedown." - Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

From the director of Zombieland.
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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016-10-14 07:38


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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016-10-14 07:38

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Hands of Stone

2016-10-14 07:38

Hands of Stone is a bland, unlikable portrayal of a real-life boxer that struggles to hit the highs of Rocky IV let alone Raging Bull or the original Rocky. Mark this one down as “for boxing fanatics only”. Read More »
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