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Balls of Fury

2008-02-05 09:25
What it's about:

Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) is a failed table tennis champion who lost an Olympic match at age 12. Haunted by his failure and the murder of his father by mysterious villain Feng (Christopher Walken), Randy falls into a career in humiliating dinner theatre. Many years later he's given a shot at redemption when he's offered a place in a top secret table tennis tournament run by Feng.

What we thought of it:

This film should be called "Christopher Walken's sad decline into senility", or "Jack Black on a shoestring budget". It's a ghastly example of how not to do comedy – the type of thing that'll choke you with one badly timed, childish joke after the next while it steals your time and your money.

Dan Fogler is a fat, pale copy of Jack Black, right down to his annoying shouting and love of cheesy rock. He falls down a lot and gets kicked in the nuts as well, which is about as far as his chipmunk faced charm goes. As his blind teacher, veteran actor James Hong shares in the falling down, but also looks in the wrong direction while speaking to people – constantly. Now take that concept and expand it into an agonising 90-minute slog of a film and you get Balls of Fury.

Christopher Walken has obviously fallen on hard times or lost his mind, because this is by far the saddest role I've ever seen him play. There's no doubt he's dryly funny, but in a film that makes Ace Ventura look deep and mature, it boils down to watching a proud old man being stripped of all his dignity and made to dance like a monkey for the amusement of a gallery of idiots.

Balls of Fury wishes it could be Blades of Glory, but it's so awful and derivative that it'll certainly bore anyone over the age of 10, unless you like watching people fall down and love seeing stupid and insulting stereotypes of the fat, the blind, the Chinese, gays, women, and table tennis players. A strong contender for this summer's least funny comedy.

- Ivan Sadler
A fat ex-table tennis champion enters a secret tournament run by the mysterious villain who murdered his father.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016-10-14 07:38

me 2007-11-22 05:50 PM
lol "unless you like watching people fall down and love seeing stupid and insulting stereotypes of the fat, the blind, the Chinese, gays, women, and table tennis players" - thats quite a big list, you should really narrow it down, i can find a lot of people who like one or more of those :p
Ivan 2007-11-23 04:00 PM
List That is a long list of stereotypes, and not a funny joke involving one of them. This film just isn't funny at all, which is a problem for a comedy.
Logan 2008-06-07 10:45 PM
Yup, no good... Ivan is spot on, this was very weak, and even irritating. I also felt that it was humiliating for James Hong. The silly thing is that it was not even over the top enough, it just is weak. However, Christopher Walken was good, as usual.

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