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Catch and Release

2007-10-15 14:32

What it's about:

When Gray Wheeler’s fiancé unexpectedly dies, his death is not the only surprise coming her way. As executor of his estate Gray discovers her fiancé had a secret bank account with savings worth millions. As more secrets about her fiancé emerge, Gray comes to see new sides of a man she thought she new. She seeks comfort in the company of her fiancé’s three best friends. As she learns to deal with life’s new revelations, she unexpectedly falls in love with a man she never thought she could like.

What we thought of it:

Jennifer Garner is as typecast an actor as you can get. She’s the ‘young, innocent, still-a-child-at-heart’ type. Catch and Release doesn’t release her from this trap. She is again the innocent victim who unexpectedly falls in love with ‘the wrong guy’ who turns out to be ‘the right guy’. Yawn.

Although, you initially feel sorry for Gray when she cries about her dead fiancé, her acting is a mediocre repetition of previous roles. Only Sam (Kevin Smith, better known as Silent Bob) has character - you quickly warm to his big heart and goofy antics.

You’re supposed to learn to love Gray’s boyfriend, Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), he is the leading lady’s beau after all. But in the end you’re left feeling unconvinced, and bored, by his change of heart.

Catch and Release is like a very long episode of Friends but without the jokes, stylish clothing, good acting, or… ad breaks.

There are some troubling holes in the plot, too. If Gray is such a wonderful person, why does she have no friends? Where is her family? How can she fall for the playboy version of the man that just broke her heart? If she is so close to her fiancé’s friends, why have they been lying to her?

The Denver Post sums up the film best when they say, “Catch and Release is a romantic comedy-drama with little comedy, no drama and less romance than your average YouTube video”.

-Annel Malan
It’s like a very long episode of Friends but without the jokes, stylish clothing, good acting, or… ad breaks.

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2016-10-14 07:38


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