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2006-12-04 17:08

Confetti Magazine run a Most Original Wedding competition, and stage elaborate nuptials for the three finalists: Matt and Sam (Martin Freeman and Jessica Stevenson), who want a wedding based on the spectacular MGM musicals form the 1930s; Michael and Joanna (Robert Webb and Olivia Coleman), naturists, who want an all nude ceremony and Josef and Isabelle (Stephen Mangan and Meredith MacNeill), who choose to go for an oddball tennis theme. Planning a wedding is never easy, but planning a Most Original Wedding may be more stress than the couples can handle.


Weddings are generally pretty boring. Sure, they can be exciting if you're actually involved and have to give a speech or throw a bouquet, but if you're just one of the many witnesses patiently waiting for your free food and drink, there's not much to excite the senses. You've seen it all before, and although this may be the most special day the young couple's life, it's barely distinguishable from the last wedding you attended, or the one before that.

Everyone wants a unique wedding, but by "unique" we mean an original design on the invite, a slightly darker shade of off-white for the tablecloths and a daring amount of purple in the flower arrangements. All the average couple requires is a thin sheen of individuality to con them into thinking that their wedding is the most special of them all. It's not.

But in Confetti you get to see three truly unique weddings, and the planning that goes into them. A wedding based on old musicals seems like an idea headed for disaster unless all involved are professional performers; a tennis-themed wedding is decidedly unromantic and an all-nude wedding is just plain gross. In other words, it's all potentially fantastic comedy material.

Director Debbie Issit presents her romcom as a Christopher Guest-style mock-documentary, complete with interviews, handheld shots and improvisation. In fact, the whole movie was shot without any scripted dialogue, and improvised from scratch by the cast.

This is perhaps the root cause of the film's biggest problem, which is that it's simply not funny enough. There are a few great moments, but they are few and far between, and although Confetti is always watchable, you'll often find yourself patiently waiting for the exciting bits - much like if you were attending your second cousin's wedding.

Just because the cast have acted in a few good comedies doesn't mean they can come up with good comedy material all by themselves, and just because people can act funny doesn't mean they are funny. That's why it's called "acting", and good acting needs good direction.

This is not to say that Issit is a bad director - it's just that at times it seems she's not directing at all. There's far too much meandering for a 95-minute romcom, which, by its very nature, should be as structurally bound as a Shakespearian sonnet.

Despite this, Confetti isn't a bad movie. Its quirky enough to keeps its head above water, and the final multiple wedding scene will appeal to romantics. It's heart-warming without being gushy and sentimental, so it's a perfect date movie.

- Chris McEvoy
A British mock-documentary romcom in which an ensemble cast improvise their way through three outrageous weddings.


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Kath 2006-08-26 06:46 PM
Thoroughly enjoyable I loved it!
Mona 2006-08-28 10:52 AM
Confetti Fell asleep close to the end of the movie!

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