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Garfield: The Movie

2006-03-30 12:38

The long-running, popular comic strip about the fat and lazy cat named Garfield comes to life with this live-action comedy. Based on characters created by Jim Davis, the film tells the story of this supremely spoiled pet, who wants the affection of everyone around him, only he wants it on his own terms.

Trouble arises one day when, under the influence of the beautiful veterinarian Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt), Garfield's owner Jon (Breckin Meyer) stuns him by bringing home a cuddly dog, Odie. Jealous at the attention Odie is receiving, Garfield locks Odie out of the house.

But when Odie is kidnapped by the evil television personality Happy Chapman (Stephen Tobolowsky), Garfield realizes his mistake, and embarks on a brave mission to rescue his new housemate.

What the critics are saying:

"I don't know who had the idea that Bill Murray would be the right actor to do Garfield's voice, but the casting is inspired."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"...a misguided attempt to construct a feature-length vehicle around a cartoon creation who was barely tolerable over three panels."
- Neil Smith, BBCi Film

"Garfield: The Movie is irresistible even though it isn't very good. It gets by on goodwill alone."
- Joe Baltake, Sacramento Bee

The magic of CGI has brought the world's greediest cat to life in a live action adventure based on the much beloved Jim Davis comic strip. Great fun for kids, but a little too simplistic for adult tastes.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016-10-14 07:38

Robyn 2004-09-25 09:55 AM
Garfield the movie. it wasn't great but it wasn't bad. The only reason why I liked the movie was because of Garfield! fahrenheit 9/11
Jessica 2004-09-25 01:58 PM
Garfield the movie I thought it to be very funny and graphics very well done. It is one for all to enjoy not just the little ones. Lets the child in you come out. GArfield very nice family film
Hayley-Ann Rodgers 2004-09-27 09:16 AM
Garfield the Movie Great movie - Garfield lovers will enjoy the humour!

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