Channel24 interviews SA director, Oliver Schmitz, about his new film, Shepherds and Butchers

Dr Luke has refuted allegations that he abused Kesha by "pressuring" her into starving herself


2006-12-04 17:09

Sophie, Céline and Anne are sisters. They live in Paris, but they rarely meet each other. Sophie, the oldest sister, lives with Pierre, her unfaithful husband. Anne, the youngest, is a student of literature and is embroiled in a passionate relationship with Frédéric, her professor, a married man with children. Céline, the middle one who is single, cares for their invalid mother. Sébastien, a mysterious young man appears in her life. An incident that occurred in their childhood will bring them together. They will finally talk about the past. About the secret that kept them apart for all these years. What are the critics saying:

For all its literary references, the thing certainly looks like a shallow though slick French melodrama.
Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

A decidedly cold, protracted work marked by solid, but passionless performances and a preference for polished, fashion-magazine imagery.
Scott Foundas, Variety

A multi-layered tale that's as compelling on a surface level as it is laden with food-for-thought underneath.
Scott Weinberg,
Three sisters finally confront an awful event from their childhood.

The Accountant

2016-10-21 07:49


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The Accountant

2016-10-21 07:49

The film is so to say the ultimate package with a good director, good leading actor, and an all-star cast. Read More »
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Shepherds and Butchers

2016-10-21 07:49

If ever there was a reason why no government should ever have the death penalty, Shepherds and Butchers is why – a masterpiece of raw emotional trauma. Read More »
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