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Rogue Assassin

2008-07-28 10:51
What it's about:

FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) spends months hunting the elusive Rogue (Jet Li) and faces him in a shoot out. Believing him dead, the FBI closes the case, but Rogue survives and murders Crawford's partner and family. Crawford then becomes obsessed with tracking down Rogue and bringing him to justice. But when Rogue is discovered in the midst of a bloody feud between two warring crime families, Crawford must use extreme measures to end the killing and catch his man.

What we think of it:

Rogue Assassin (released as War in the US) could've been a holy grail of action movies starring two of the hottest stars of the genre (Jason Statham and Jet Li), but never lives up to the promise of such a pairing – although it is better than The One (Li and Statham's first screen pairing).

The biggest problem with Rogue Assassin is the slow pacing and concentration on various plot twists. The story itself isn't particularly interesting and most of the characters don't make much of an impression. They are either hired thugs or crusty crime scene investigators. This makes for quite a yawn fest during the rather large gaps between the action sequences as we are treated to loads of tough guy talk and shady deals that never amount to anything.

Statham and Li try their best with a so-so script and manage to carry the film as best they can. Statham is good as the perpetually angry vengeance-obsessed Jack Crawford and takes a thin character as far as possible, while Li's Rogue is the epitome of the stylish cool-as-ice assassin. Devon Aoki also deserves a mention as the sadistic, petulant Yakuza daughter who has an amusing run-in with Rogue.

Rogue Assassin sadly skimps on the action and the fight scenes are nothing that you haven't seen before – done better in some of Jet Li's other movies. Even the climactic showdown between Li and Statham feels like a misfire when compared with some of Li's Hong Kong movie duels.

Although it is far from terrible, Rogue Assassin is a mediocre film at best, lacking the sharp wit of amusing actioners like Snatch and spectacular visceral action that Li is famous for. With a better director and tighter script this could've been the action hit of the year, but alas, it's just another generic 90 minutes you'll have forgotten in a day or two.

- Ivan Sadler

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When an FBI agent hunts down the assassin who murdered his partner, he discovers the hired killer is caught in a war between two powerful organized-crime families.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

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Neo 2008-05-07 03:04 PM
Rogue Assassin I went to watch slick moves and synchronized fighting between Jet and Jason. Not there. Dissappointed, but nice story line
Shandi 2008-05-10 07:10 PM
Rogue Assassin, Jet Li. I think it's highly recomended to watch. Rogue Assassin, Jet Li. I think it's highly recomended to watch. Thanks for your publishment. I am waiting for your next publishment. Regards,

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