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Dr Luke has refuted allegations that he abused Kesha by "pressuring" her into starving herself

Sammy's Adventures (3D)

2011-08-19 15:40
Sammy's Adventures
What it's about:

As he scrambles to the sea shortly after his birth on a beach in California, Sammy the sea turtle finds and loses the love of his life, a pretty hatchling called Shelly. On the epic journey across the oceans that all turtles accomplish before returning to the beach where they were born, Sammy dodges every danger in the hope of meeting Shelly again. With best buddy Ray, he sees close up how humans are hurting the planet. But then he is rescued by other humans. He battles with piranhas, escapes a fish eagle and searches for a mysterious secret passage. And, one day, after so many adventures and close shaves, Sammy finds Shelly. She has never forgotten him either...

What the critics thought:

"Falls several sea miles of open water behind Pixar's Finding Nemo."
- Philip French, The Guardian

"With endless shots of underwater landscapes propping up an episodic narrative, this is less Finding Nemo than one long screensaver."
- Neil Smith, Total Film

"Five star entertainment for the under-tens, deduct two stars for everyone else."
- David Hughes, Empire Magazine 

He's turtly amazing.
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The Accountant

2016-10-21 07:49

Marty 2011-09-07 01:45 PM
I took my twins, aged 7, to watch this movie and as I am always sceptical about animations as most of the time, my kids watch the first 15mins and lose interest. Sammy's adventure however, kept them glued and giggling (I was so surprised). There was an element of healthy emotion and cute but real factor. I noted that everybody compared it to Finding Nemo (which was brilliant) but a different emotion factor and very bright in colour whereas Sammy's adventure was a bit dull, but that was the effect. I loved the adventure bit and thought it a great movie for all ages. Will be getting the DVD as it will keep my kids entertained, they asked me if they could watch it again, yippee! Some kids movies have too much themes and then confuse the kids, therefore the disinterest, I find. This movie sticks to the main theme and thats a winner.

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