Meet Iain Thomas, the 36-year-old South African poet who is famous all over the world except in SA

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2006-03-30 12:07

After participating in the brutal killing in a riot in the line of duty, Stander decided to defy the very system he was part of, and set off on an audacious crime spree; robbing banks during his lunch hour then returning to the scene of the crime to lead the investigation.

Finally, caught by the same police force he worked with, he was jailed and, subsequently befriended Allan Heyl and Lee McCall. After a daring jailbreak, the 'Stander Gang' committed a large number of robberies, which grew increasingly bolder over time. In the eyes of the public, their blatant disregard for authority made them South Africa's most popular anti-heroes.

In reality, however, Stander and his gang were the most wanted men in the country. Following the death and arrest of his cohorts, Stander escaped to Florida. Ironically enough, after evading capture by the authorities for years, he was finally shot to death in Fort Lauderdale by a police officer.

What the critics are saying:

"...certainly a cinematic breakthrough for this country, and without a shadow of doubt, worth seeing."
- Tanya Farber, The Star

"A particular treat for South African audiences (those old enough to remember) is the film's meticulous attention to detail..."
- Jeremy Lawrence, Top of the Times

"Stander is 'n verrassende en belangrike prent met soveel monderings soos Stander self - belangrik omdat dit 'n ko-produksie is en daar oplaas 'n skaflike prent van een van "ons" stories gemaak is."
- Laetitia Pople, Die Burger

Based on the true story of Andre Stander, a South African homicide / robbery police captain who became one of the most notorious bank robbers in the country.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016-10-14 07:38

Butler Matlapeng 2003-10-15 02:00 PM
Mr I I might not have seen it, but for a fact that is has been Americanised, makes me feel quite uncomfortable as a South African. I am not anti-America or anything. My point is that it happened here in South Africa and it could have been more sensible if it was South African by origin. Why should American film makers and companies have to do this? Firstly it was Mandela's movie and now Stander which I heard was pronounced quite American on tv. Can't we have our own local movies hence the original Stander is South African. I hope you will consider this next time you make a movie. no hence it is not original.
Ndaba Dlamini 2003-10-17 03:39 PM
Stander Good, very entertaining. Yes

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