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2014-09-12 11:42
What's it about:

This Afrikaans teen comedy centres on sixteen-year olds Tiaan and Zane who dream of forming their own rock band. When a prank goes badly wrong and they are caught red-handed by the school principal, their parents have to pay for a number of repairs to the tune of R30 000.

Now, the only way they can repay the money and get themselves back in everyone's good books, the pair must form their dream band and win the school 'Battle of the Bands' competition which just happens to have a grand prize of R30 000.

But when they recruit their other bandmates  Liezl, the prettiest girl in school, and Bongi, the new girl with rhythm and attitude in her body, the fun and games really start. If the boys thought this was going to be easy, then they can think again. 

What we thought:

Suurlemoen premiered at the Silwerskerm festival to rave reviews. Tapping into the teen musical comedy genre, this is a tale of friendship, love, music and growing up.

Suurlemoen is based on the very popular young adult novel with the same title by Jaco Jacobs.

It tells the story of two best friends Tiaan and Zane who love music, skateboarding and have their own life tips blog.

The plot is pretty standard: best friends get into big trouble and to save themselves they start a band. Enters girl. Both friends fall for the same girl which tests their friendship. In the end they all learn valuable life lessons.

I have to be honest the story didn’t blow me away. It follows the standard recipe that we’ve seen in every other Hollywood teen movie.

I am also very removed from the present teen culture and I’m not really sure if normal teens are this mature and put together; I certainly was not at 16.

I do wish though that teens were cast to play the lead roles as  it does come across through the acting that the cast are a bit older.

Other than that the acting, the script, the singing are all OK. There are some catchy tunes that will have you tapping along to the beat.

If you’re looking for a good family movie to take your teen to this one ticks all the boxes; who knows maybe it will give you some insight into the teen psyche.

Suurlemoen is a good attempt at tapping into the teen musical comedy drama.
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