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The Benchwarmers

2006-10-02 13:49


Gus (Rob Schneider), and his nerdy pals, Richie (David Spade), and Clark (Jon Heder) intervene and prevent a group of baseball playing boys from bullying the son of millionaire nerd Mel (Jon Lovitz). They challenge the boys to a game of baseball, to take a stand for nerdy kids everywhere, and Mel sets up a baseball competition, entering the 3 man team, to uphold the honour of nerds and bullied kids everywhere.


This film masquerades as a story of underdogs going the distance, combined with frivolous comedy, but it is an unbelievable failure on just about every level. It has a cast who can be considered comedy heavyweights, but in this boring rubbish, they just go through the motions lifelessly. Due to a weak script and awful pacing, it falls flatter than rubbish like Little Nicky, and Around the World in 80 Days. Even guaranteed laughs, like Mel's son farting on one of the bully kids, and the traumatised dwarf hiding in his cardboard fort, are so well sign-posted and badly set up, that they come across as embarrassing and lifeless.

The message of the film is admirable, but given any thought, it is beyond ludicrous. Why would grown men compete against 12 year olds to boost their self-esteem, and why does success in this loathsome endeavour suddenly endear them to hot babes, and the general public that previously mocked them for being losers?

Director Dennis Dugan is no stranger to glorifying pathetic man-children, as he also helmed such gems as Happy Gilmore, Beverly Hills Ninja, and Evil Woman, and has a close association with Adam Sandler, as this film is from the Happy Madison production house. Having said that, just about everything else Dennis has touched, has turned out better than this steaming heap of garbage. It is as though he has spent some time reaching the bottom of the barrel, and has just broken out the mining gear and the Redbull.

I'd recommend that parents looking for something fun and light-hearted for their kids avoid this at all costs. It's pointless, and gets boring really early on, and it would probably have trouble holding a toddler's attention for more than 10 minutes.

All in all, a child would find this stupid and tedious.

- Ivan Sadler

This "comedy" is chockablock with bodily fluids, fart jokes and grown men beating up children. Yes, you guessed it, it's an Adam Sandler film, though he doesn't even bother to appear in this one.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016-10-14 07:38

Michael Holmes 2007-01-06 03:48 PM
Well it was'nt that bad! This one i do have to disagree! I realy didnt think it was that bad, not that funny, but realy not thaaaaat bad! Okay it had its moments of being a bit dogey but so does any other good movie! So what do you have to say to that?

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