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The Hundred-Foot Journey

2014-08-22 10:14
What it’s about:

A traditional Indian family sets out to educate Europe about the beautiful aromas of Indian cuisine and end up in a small village in France.

Amongst the commotion of a broken down car the Kadam family come across an old building that would be ideal for an India restaurant. The building is purchased and renovations begin.
Conflict arises between the family and Madame Mallroy, the proprietress of Le Saule Pleureur, a Michelin-starred eatery.

It takes work and commitment but Madame Mallroy is changed when she recognises her rival’s undeniable brilliance for preparing masterful meals, and so the hundred-foot journey across the road for Hassan Kadam begins.

What we thought:

The movie creates an atmosphere where two completely different cultures and ways of living meet in the middle and fuse into a beautiful picture. On the one side we see high class cuisine prepared for that of royalty, on the other side we see rich tradition prepared the same way it has been for generations.

No questions asked the clash of these worlds creates conflict but with a given chance a passion and love blossoms between characters.

This movie will not only have you wishing for smell-a-vision but will teach you that young or old it is never too late to fall in love! The chemistry between two young people that share the same passions and a found connection between two older hearts that have loved before will tuck into all your emotions!

If you’re into romance, comedy, emotion and learning about great cuisine then A Hundred-Foot Journey is the movie for you! We absolutely loved watching it!

If you’re into romance, comedy, emotion and learning about great cuisine then A Hundred-Foot Journey is the movie for you!
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2016-10-14 07:38


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