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The Pacifier

2006-03-30 13:03


As a member of the world's fiercest and most highly trained military force, Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe (Diesel) thought he was prepared to take on any duty no matter how perilous or impossible. Then he tried baby-sitting.

Assigned to protect five out-of-control children, Shane is suddenly faced with juggling two outrageously incompatible jobs: fighting the bad guys while keeping house. Replacing his usual arsenal of wetsuits and weapons with diapers and juice boxes, Shane finds he's truly a SEAL out of water.

But, even though he's more suited to drop zones, demolitions and destroying enemy targets, he soon realises he is on the most important mission of his life: keeping a family together.

What the critics are saying:

"Shankman begins with situations that should work, but he doesn't quite boost them over the top into laugh-out-loud. Maybe he's trusting too much on the funny casting. Casting is only funny when the cast is given something funny to do, a truth that should be engraved above the portals of every film school."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Disney's new family flick is chipper and occasionally clever as it sends up the high-tech know-how required by 21st-century parents."
- Ned Martel, New York Times

"Jokes never build, stagings are clumsy, and the whole thing feels as if it were slapped together in haste."
- Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

Vin Diesel tries his best to make this comedy work, but the material just isn't funny enough.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016-10-14 07:38

Andre 2005-05-06 07:18 AM
The Pacifier I like it
TINNY 2005-05-06 03:22 PM
the passifier great shall we dance
N 2005-05-06 03:28 PM
the pacifier i think it is ok as i am only 10 and don't know how to rate movies!
Nunu 2005-05-06 05:02 PM
The Pacifier Same old jokes but big up to Vin Diesel for trying to break away from the XXX/Fast n the Furious zone into something for the kids.
chelsey 2005-05-06 11:43 PM
pacifier I thought that the Pacifier was a nice family comedy and i liked it! it was slightly different from what i was use to ice princess
Colin 2005-05-08 09:35 AM
The Pacifier. this movie was a good movie, u've gotto have a good scriped for it to be a hit but that part with the oil on the step (seen it too many times to be funny), and haveing someone switch side is old too, u could tell he was a bad dude. i liked the movie cuz it was a change from what i normily watch. ice age now thats a exilent movie.
Sean 2005-05-08 11:19 AM
The Pacifier I think that for once vin diesel is doing something for the kids and not XXX or the fast and the furious, so GO VIN DIESEL!!!!! The Pacifier
sean 2005-05-08 11:24 AM
Ice Princess for all those ice skaters that enjoy taking you time in praticing your skating well maybe you'll get a few tips from this movie so go and watch it, hehe, just kissing i havent seen it but i will so go enjoy it everyone i'd reccomend for all the younge ones Ice princess, since there is no offensive comments or any violence in it so go watch it kids
Raphael 2005-05-08 10:55 PM
Pacifier I thought it was a brilliant comedy a job well done by Vin Diesel. Shows he can be a bit versatile however he is much better at the hard core action. Hitch
ashwill 2005-05-14 08:21 PM
the pacifier i think this is a great comedy taxi
shirley 2005-05-26 10:15 AM
Mrs good
Palesa 2005-06-01 09:43 AM
Shwaka Vin does his best to keep the movie funny Sponge Bob Square Pants
jjj 2005-06-01 10:47 PM
vin bad vin diesel is made created for action movies only not pg 05 xxx2
HUBBLY 2005-06-11 06:12 PM
the pacifier the pacifier the pacifier
Madelein 2005-06-15 03:21 PM
The Pacifier Funny and absolutly stunning. He can do it again but prefer in action XXX

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