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Hail, Caesar!

2016-02-19 08:31

What it's about:

Set in 1950s Hollywood, Eddie Mannix is Capital Pictures' head of physical production and is the studio fixer. His job is to maintain the clean reputation of the company and its stars. When Mannix is advised that studio star Baird Whitlock has disappeared after not showing up for work on the current production of "Hail Caesar, a Tale of Christ's Life", he initially believes Whitlock has been drinking. But, he receives a call from a group of communists who claim to have kidnapped the actor and want a ransom. When he is approached by an aviation company with an offer of a less-hectic, and rather lucrative, job, he must ultimately determine his true skills and passions.

What we thought:

Hollywood in the 1950s was actually a ridiculous place. Studio bosses played matchmakers and were such pro fixers they would probably put modern day Olivia Pope to shame.

From hiding pregnancy news, to creating buzz around a star, to changing a Western cowboy into a Brando of sorts. Arguable little has changed as modern Hollywood is just as much a circus as in the good ol’ days. But still, it’s delightful to see it all unfold in the Coen Brothers’ latest cinematic triumph.

Hail, Caesar! so brilliantly captures the tale of a Hollywood fixer who works tirelessly to keep the studio's stars in line that it will have you stomping your feet with fits of laughter.

Step aside Adam Sandler-toilet-humour and Zoolander-zaniness. Enough Zac Efron frat parties and Seth Rogen fart jokes. Hail Caesar’s comedy is of the sophisticated kind. Intelligent, delightful and thoroughly entertaining.

Each joke delivered with pizzazz and executed immaculately by a dream cast that never once fails to impress.

George Clooney, as Hollywood hunk Baird Whitlock, is seen throughout the film in his Roman soldier tunic and caligae military sandals with a sword strapped to his side. Despite having to do every scene in a “skirt”, Clooney serves up a marvelous misfit of a silver screen star whilst showing off his distractingly sexy legs.

Tap dancing Channing Tatum (Burt Gurney) prances his pretty little butt off and his much-talked-about dance routine in the film is not only a nostalgic ode to the past but also extremely entertaining to watch unfold on the big screen.

Josh Brolin (Eddie Mannix), Scarlett Johansson (DeeAnna Moran) and Tilda Swinton (Thora/Thessaly Thacker) each give stunning performances that boosts the films tempo just when it starts to droop a bit.

But it’s ultimately Alden Ehrenreich as the ridiculously attractive cowboy, Hobie Doyle, that steals the show. The 26-year-old star outshines the A-list cast in what will undoubtedly be his big breakout role. With ridiculously impressive rope tricks and a devilish James Dean smirk he hits each line with such perfect comedic timing that you almost wish he was in every scene.

Hail, Caesar!, with its immaculate attention to detail, is definitely worth your time and money!



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