Famous accordian player and music legend Ollie Viljoen has died in his sleep at the age of 76

Joan Rivers' family will have to decide within days if the life support machines keeping her alive should be turned off

Album Reviews

Shadowclub - Goodbye Wild Child

Shadowclub. (Photo: Facebook)

The stunning collaboration of no more than 3 people has shaped a stunning collection of tracks.  Read More »


Ed Sheeran - X

2014-07-18 14:27

The 12 tracks are made up of heartfelt, acoustic ballads (in a good way) as well as fresh beats to swing to. Read More »

Robin Thicke - Paula

2014-07-04 11:39

Robin Thicke may just win his wife back with impressive Paula album.  Read More »


Jack White - Lazaretto

2014-06-20 14:03

Jack White goes country with piano, violin-laden second solo album, LazarettoRead More »

Austin Mahone - The Secret

2014-06-13 13:24

Think Locnville meets Justin Bieber meets Backstreet Boys meets an attempted rave party. Read More »


Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines

2014-06-03 14:58

Tori Amos returns to her pop roots with her 14th studio album. Read More »

Coldplay - Ghost Stories

2014-05-22 15:58

In wake of his breakup, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin declines to dig too deep on new album Ghost StoriesRead More »


Jeremy Loops - Trading Change

2014-05-13 15:37

Very well produced, Jeremy Loops brings a unique sound to local music with his new album Trading ChangeRead More »

George Michael - Symphonica

2014-04-11 16:48

By instinct, George Michael shies away from self-dramatising vocal pyrotechnics, letting the melodies and lyrics carry the day. Read More »


Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once

2014-03-25 11:00

Kylie Minogue attempts to keep her crown in the dance kingdom — and succeeds — when she's not trying too hard to upgrade to today's trends. Read More »

Lea Michele - Louder

2014-03-04 10:25

The songs on Louder don't play well together, and the collection sounds more like a demo, instead of a Golden Globe- and Emmy-nominated singer-actress' debut album.  Read More »


Lady Gaga - ArtPop

2014-01-31 11:49

Artpop draws from familiar themes we've already heard on Born This Way and The Fame, and it sounds like someone who is stuck very much in the same place artistically. Read More »

Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes

2014-01-21 12:45

Some of the material on this disc was originally set aside for good reason, but Springsteen's loyal audience will find things to enjoy.  Read More »


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