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Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore welcomes second baby girl and gives her the cutest name!

Album Reviews

George Michael - Symphonica

By instinct, George Michael shies away from self-dramatising vocal pyrotechnics, letting the melodies and lyrics carry the day.  Read More »


Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once

2014-03-25 11:00

Kylie Minogue attempts to keep her crown in the dance kingdom — and succeeds — when she's not trying too hard to upgrade to today's trends. Read More »

Lea Michele - Louder

2014-03-04 10:25

The songs on Louder don't play well together, and the collection sounds more like a demo, instead of a Golden Globe- and Emmy-nominated singer-actress' debut album.  Read More »


Lady Gaga - ArtPop

2014-01-31 11:49

Artpop draws from familiar themes we've already heard on Born This Way and The Fame, and it sounds like someone who is stuck very much in the same place artistically. Read More »

Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes

2014-01-21 12:45

Some of the material on this disc was originally set aside for good reason, but Springsteen's loyal audience will find things to enjoy.  Read More »


Beyoncé - Beyoncé

2014-01-07 12:24

Her fifth self-titled album is a collection of songs that highlight Beyoncé's evolution as a woman and artist. It's her strongest and most cohesive album to date. Read More »

Goodluck's new album reviewed using 17 GIFs

2013-11-18 10:07

How do you write a review for Goodluck's fab new album that the internet will appreciate and actually read without boring them to death? Like this. (WARNING: Contains flashing images) Read More »


John Mayer's new album reviewed using 14 GIFs

2013-10-29 12:20

For the first time ever we review an album using only GIFs instead of long boring written paragraphs.  Read More »

Miley Cyrus - Bangerz

2013-10-15 11:48

If Cyrus would concentrate more on showcasing her music than trying to become the latest shock queen, perhaps we wouldn't be shocked that Bangerz is a good album. Read More »


Katy Perry - Prism

2013-10-22 12:48

Katy's new electro-pop songs are likable — and surely there are some Top 10 hits here — but she's playing it safe. Read More »

Kings of Leon - Mechanical Bull

2013-10-01 13:09

Mechanical Bull isn't the anguished edgy ride you'd expect from Kings of Leon but a fun, stirring experience you don't want to end. Read More »


Gangs of Ballet - yes/no/grey.

2013-09-18 13:37

The band’s attempt to create anthemic, ringing choruses inspires an image of what a slightly less lyrically and vocally blessed love-child of Coldplay and Westlife might sound like. Read More »

Arctic Monkeys - AM

2013-09-11 12:18

English rockers Arctic Monkeys continue their American love affair with AMRead More »


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