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As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand - Fokofpolisiekar - Album: As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand - Fokofpolisiekar

2009-08-18 08:20
Ah, true. And I myself, when I first saw Fokofpolisiekar live at a music festival, was predisposed to sneer. Sure, they did arrive in a R500,000.00 Toyota Landcruiser, but I'm positive they'd stolen that in Durbanville. And lead singer Francois Badenhorst, resplendent in a pair of jeans so low-slung that that I can only assume the front was attached to his penis with Velcro, did make the fatal mistake of announcing his guitarist as "the best in SA", mere minutes before a set by the immortal Albert Frost, who really CAN play a guitar.

But a band should be judged on its music first, it's sex appeal second, and its ideological confusion only third. And Fokofpolisiekar's music is great, danceable, bouncy punkrock. That's the MTV nu punkrock of a Blink-182, of course, rather than the hard punk of an old school band like Black Flag. Songs like "Hemel op die platteland" (did I mention the lyrics are all in Afrikaans?) are energetic, rollicking rants about all those young suburban tragedies that made Green Day so rich. There's a local edge to these ones, though, which gives them a certain poignancy.

Alas, the CD includes that most irritating of affectations, the hidden track. Ironically, this is a staple of the dinosaur bands that punk was a reaction to, but I guess nupunks aren't really that into history.

Fokofpolisiekar have enlivened a few road trips for me this week, but I still can't help wincing when the lead singer shrieks a trite line like "Ons almal vrek alleen". I guess that sort of angst is infinitely recyclable. Ah, who cares about the lyrics - the music rocks, and I'm definitely putting one of these songs on my compilation cd of SA songs to get drunk to. Oh, I forgot to talk about the sex appeal. Yep, they've got it.

- Chris Roper

Fokofpolisiekar are fresh 'n angry punk rockers from the notorious, poverty-stricken ghetto of Cape Town's Northern suburbs. "Eh?", you're thinking - "Isn't that where the rich kids live?"

Thepirate 2004-05-16 12:02 AM
fokofpolisiekar Amazing what else??????????
Andre 2004-05-17 06:23 PM
Flippen Kool!!!! This is sum of the best afrikaans stuff ive ever heard. Every wednesday and friday i crank it up in my car on the way to happy hour with my buds!!!! Its become like a ritual!!!! I love you guys !!!!! Fokofpolisiekar - As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand
Sammy 2004-05-17 08:33 PM
THE BEST Hulle is moerse cool! ek het hulle al live in wellington en worcester gesien! Nog 'n moerse cool nuwe bad in antipathy! Een van hulle beste liedtjie is FOKOFPOLISIEKAR en ANNAROT!!! POLISIE IS MOERSE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES
annemi 2004-07-04 08:35 PM
fokofpolisiekar lekker angry hot rock !!! yes
Johan 2004-07-09 09:27 AM
VERKRAGTING......... Die naam se vir my dat die ouens iewers met die polisie vasgehaak het. Saam met karin zoid join hulle die gewarboel van afrikaanse taal verkragters wat geen god het nie. Kinners wat na die opgooi gemors luister se varkies is bietjie op loop... wel ek meen as jy op pille is klink alles mos mooi, en die chappies wat jy kou help nogal vir jou jaw rush en droe mond....
Drek 2004-07-19 02:37 PM
IDIOTS Watse message dra hierdie fools oor na 'n young generation wat al klaar deurmekaar genoeg is. Klim af van julle ego's af.IDIOTS Abel Kraamsaal
Michael 2004-11-09 11:22 AM
Mnr. Very good fokofpoliescar
Francois 2004-11-15 02:05 PM
Opinies Fokofpolisiekar se musiek beteken iets vir mense wat in dieselfde tyd as die band grootgeword het, al wil almal dit nie erken nie. Besides, niemand word geforseer om hierna te luister nie.. Ek 'rate' hulle musiek. Lugsteuring
Marius Lubbe 2005-05-11 09:03 AM
As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand Befok - ek hoop hulle keep things together en last nog vir tien jaar ! A perfect circle - Amotive

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