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Barbra Streisand - Guilty Pleasures

2006-03-30 10:38

This is proving a huge hit with soft hearted Streisand fans, who've been begging for a follow-up collaboration with Gibb. You can see why - the songs he's written sound like well-worn classics. Actually they're mostly new - penned by Gibb, who also produced the album.

As with many 80s stars, Streisand and Gibb are actually looking better than they did back then in 1985, when high-waisted white pants were considered groovy. A few nips, tucks, and a Jennifer Aniston hairdo later, Streisand's pretty cute. Even Gibb's hamsterish charm seems to have matured likeably.

These pleasant developments are echoed in the relatively tasteful treatment of the musical material, which isn't nearly as O.T.T. as it could have been. Gibbs and Streisand have clearly given each other's styles a welcome shakedown - for the second time - and balanced out their musical styles. Barbra's torch song tendencies are toned down. Gibb's doo-wop tendencies are muted too.

If you liked Guilty, then Guilty Pleasures is a must have. A bonus DVD with all songs in PCM stereo, an interview, and a video or three, makes it more worthwhile for the big Babs and Gibbs groupies out there.

Fans might also want to check out the Christmas releases by these other soppy singers and songwriters: Celine Dion, Kenny G., Rod Stewart, Ronn Moss (yep, from The Bold), Laurinda Hofmeyr and many more.

- Jean Barker

This highly anticipated collaboration with the Bee Gees' Barry Gibb (a follow up to 1980's multiplatinum Guilty) showcases Streisand's gorgeous voice and Gibbs' popular songwriting style. The result: an over-dramatic and camp, yet unexpectedly elegant album.

mervyn 2005-12-18 07:19 PM
guilty pleasures a warm and sing along cd that touches the heart.above the law aduet with gibb and streisand is simply catching and should do well in the charts. it really is a great cd and once you listen to it once you will be hooked on it again and again.

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