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Basshunter - Now You're Gone

2008-09-24 08:41
I don't care that "Now you're gone" is a radio smash and that the album entered the UK albums chart at number 1. My ears bleed, they've heard it all before. Probably in the early 90s (well, when I YouTube what people listened to at that time), and done better. DJ Sammy also did it better with "Heaven" in the summer of 2002.

Now that you're gone - The album is all synthesised riffs, supposed catchy melodies and (wannabe) strong beats. Usually great ingredients for successful summer tunes you'll forget as soon you get inebriated enough because let's not kid ourselves, once some club DJ mixes them all together they all start sounding the same, distinguishable only by vocals.
But in this case the lack of originality, the pure forgettable nature of everything - including the remake of the simple and catchy "Please don't go" by KC and the Sunshine Band - makes this a horrible also-ran that will never see the light of a mash-up if we lived in a fair dance world.

It's all really sad since the Basshunter (real name Jonas Erik Altberg) is Swedish. And you know they have a history of making great pop and dance music that you can't help but love (in secret or in public). The Swedish versions of "Now you're gone (Botten Anna)" and "All I ever wanted (Dota)" are hot, only because of the foreign vocals factor.

Ironically the two most interesting and listenable tracks here are the "Now you're gone" and "All I ever wanted" bonus remixes by Fonzerelli, a guest DJ.

- Lebo Mogashoa

It's bad news if you can't bring yourself to listen to a CD beyond the first thirty seconds. But that's what happened with me and Basshunter's Now you're gone - The album. Mercifully, only three tracks are longer than four minutes. Otherwise someone might have had to declare death-by-dated-Euro-dance-doof-doofs.

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icebreaker202 2008-11-01 01:38 PM
BASSHUNTER ROCKS!!! I think this album ROCKS!!! 10/10, 5/10 and 100/100 from me.
Jarrett 2008-11-19 01:37 PM
Bumping I think the album is really rocking good tunes!!!

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