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Billy Idol - The Very Best of Billy Idol

2008-08-18 17:49
Yep, "White Wedding" is still a vicious classic, "Rebel Yell" a perfect piece of narrative pop and "Mony Mony" - awful as it is - is an undeniably memorable icon of disco rock, a heady, revolting, addictive reminder of too-wet graunches at school dances with some guy it was too dark to see (thank God for that, who needs images too?)

Also included, two new exclusive weirdly metal-flavoured new tracks, on one of which he seems like a parody of his evil-flavoured 80s music videos. New tracks from Billy is a bit disturbing, because as far as anyone knew, Billy's been dead for years, or at least retired. Which is all for the best, because who wants to see that gorgeous and snarly young boy like that go all Keith Richards on us?

The DVD that comes spare with this collection of 18 hit tracks shows one of the real reason he managed to make it in the 80s while still making good music - the Videos are head and shoulders above most of the rubbish on early MTV. And so fascinatingly sexy, and gay. Gay in that 80s way, which nobody even realised was gay until much much later. Those were the days, you see, when your mom was shocked, like, SHOCKED to discover that Freddy Mercury wasn't into girls.

- Jean Barker

When you sift through the manure-heap of 80s radio music that makes it onto CDs like 100 Essential 1980's (sic) Billy Idol is one of the few artists who makes it onto the 20-track playlist called "80s Nostalgia".



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