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Bjork - Volta

2007-08-24 09:54
She's bold but thoughtful, delicate yet strong, musically innovative yet always playfully Pop. Hey, if that's not enough, she's also both visually outrageous and critter cute! Oooh, can we all have seconds please?

“For sure!” coos everyone’s favourite Icelandic pixie on her latest sonic blancmange. Volta finds the avant-garde elf upping her eccentricity by hiring a crazy mix of co-conspirators including Timbaland, a ten-piece all-female horn section, and members of Congolese thumb piano players Konono No. 1, noise rockers Lightning Bolt, post-cabaret crooners Antony & The Johnsons, and electro-hipster LFO to play along.
And PLAY is the operative word here. From the urban synth squelches of Timbaland powered electro-jammers "Earth Intruders" and "Innocence", to the smouldering torch song ballad beauty of Antony duet "Dull Flame of Desire" and the fist-thrusting apocalyptic tribal punk cry of "Declare Independence", Bjork and friends hold hands as they vault merrily over any generic boundary that threatens to hinder their fun.

- Miles Keylock

In a world obsessed with genre-driven niche marketing, splintered sales pitches, polarised politics and fast-food musical fads Bjork is the one Pop phenomenon we can all agree on. After-all, what's not to like?

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ralph 2007-08-27 01:28 PM
bjork sounds cute bjork sounds.

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