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Brandy - Best of Brandy

2006-03-30 02:29

Not many teen singers last long enough to release a greatest hits package, but then Brandy wasn't just another teen sensation.

Brandy was only 15 when she released her debut album in 1994. As the cute girl with her trademark braids, she also stood out from her now long forgotten peers because of her powerful voice.

They've only chosen the very best tracks and strangely these have not dated and are still as enjoyable as they were a decade ago. The album kicks off with the all-time club favourite "The boy is mine", her duet with Monica.

Half of this collection is from her first and second album. Four key tracks from her 1994 self-titled debut, "Sittin' Up In My Room," "Baby," "Brokenhearted," and the unforgettable, "I Wanna Be Down." Another memorable song is her soulful cover of Phil Collins' "Another Day In Paradise", recorded with her brother Ray J.

The Best of Brandy is a chance to witness a young girl coming of age and to remind us that she is a talent to be reckoned with, if this album is anything to go by then the best of Brandy is yet to come.

- Ashlin Simpson

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It's been ten years since she first bounced on the scene, an ambitious teen. She's married and has a kid now. This collection charts the progress of a star with a future.

accey 2005-09-06 03:57 PM
she knows her work I heard the album at musica in mmabatho at mega city and it really rocks.i think .I think it would rock more had they added songs like SOULD I GO,WOW &I TRIED.i have her cassetttes from never say never,full-moon to afrodisiac but do not have her compilation album. afrodisiac
Aventine 2005-09-06 04:32 PM
Thumbs Up! I enjoyed all your tracks & you can feel what you are trying to express to us.Keep it up!!! Before Afrodisc
salona kisten 2007-07-16 11:29 AM
Brandy! I like the album alot.But I haven't heard anything new from her in awhile.I can almost relate to every song she sings.Brandy's songs are fantastic & she has come along way.

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