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Craig David - Greatest Hits

2009-03-30 14:00
Greatest Hits
The 27-year-old Englishman has had a few good singles. His debut single "Fill me In" peaked at number one in the UK, and follow up hits "7 Days" and "I'm Walking Away" helped his debut album Born To Do It sell over 8 million copies. It looked like the young, hot, smooth pop soul operator from England was set to take over the R&B charts.

But he never quite sustained the success. His follow up album, Slicker Than Your Average sold only 3 million copies. The most successful single here was his duet with Sting, "The Rise and Fall" which peaked at number two on the UK charts. His third and fourth albums did even worse, not even reaching the million mark.

While this unassuming, boyish good looker has a sleek voice and is a potentially good lyricist, he's just never had the guts to innovate, which ultimately caused him to blend into the R&B tapestry. So it's no surprise that his fifth album, "Greatest Hits", is his lowest selling album to date. 

For the record: clocking in at 19 tracks, this album houses all of Craig's notable tracks. There are also two new dance releases, "Insomnia" - which sounds like an Enrique Iglesias reject - and "Where's Your Love", as well as a DVD packed with seven music videos.

There should be a rule about 'Greatest Hits' releases: only when you actually have enough "great" hits to fill a CD, should you even consider releasing a 'Greatest Hits' album. Or it just looks like you're ending your career.

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