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DJ Ready to Mix - Clubland 2008

2008-11-17 17:05
I first listened to this while I staying over at a friend's place. I was washing the dishes -my only duty as the house guest. But then I ended up sweeping and mopping the floor. Just because I was having so much fun listening to the music, it seemed only logical to keep doing the housework.

Disc one is all floor fillers (and yes it's the one I listened to while cleaning floor). You'll recognise slightly remixed versions of Moloko ("Forevermore"), Tiesto ("In the dark") and if you love Cascada their remix of Dyce's "Tomorrow Can Wait" will knock you over. It's a big dance production, the kind of thing that needs unironic glow stick waving.
The second disc is a lot more chilled out. It's where you’ll find the deep house stuff. The tracks are the kind of thing you'd play at a party or during an easy slow-paces evening with friends. Very smooth.

The last disc is called "Hands in the Air". The songs are bigger in production than the first disc. All the summery type songs with repetitive and memorable melodies and quick beats to make your head bob if you're not in the club - or wave your hands in the air (as prescribed) if you're in the club.

Clubland 2008 is consistently good and it will be a while before you get tired of listening to it.

Lebo M

Some music is so good it makes you forget what you're actually doing and it's just you and the beat. This is such an album. Even better, there are three discs in this collection and all of them are that great.



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