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EJ Von Lyrik - Method in the Madness

2008-08-05 18:34
Method in the Madness is musically, more along the radio-loving lines of "Mindz Ablaze", and thematically more along the screw-you lines of "Social Ills", particularly on "Living in My Dreams" (featuring Claire Phillips), a bitter protest against young women's sexual exploitation, and again on the catchy, screw-race dance floor banger "Freedom in a Cage" (featuring Thebe).

Potent stuff - and nearly perfect.

Why only nearly? Well because what’s this South African doing borrowing a Rasta accent? Sure, they match the musical style she's adopted at times, but the "mons" feel as imported. Is there really any difference between faking an American accent and faking a Jamaican one?

- Jean Barker

E.J. is one of the lead vocalists of Cape Town hip-hop 'womyn' outfit Godessa, whose underground hit "Social Ills" (on African Dope) made them world famous...underground. Later their single "Mindz Ablaze" (off Spillage, with KMD) topped commercial radio charts.


thebo 2008-08-07 04:20 PM
how about an mp3 so we can check it out?

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