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F****polisiekar - Lugsteuring - F****polisiekar - Lugsteuring

2006-03-29 19:57

The album opens with the hysterical "Bid vir my", featuring the classic line "F** jou / F** jou / Ek f**kin weet ek is verkeerd". Yes, Parental Guidance is advised and Grandma doesn't want it for Christmas. Because even if Grandma doesn't understand a word (one word in particular), this is music for partying, driving too fast, and generally being young.

F****polisiekar (or "Polisiekar" as the Radio Stations so ironically call them) are loud and unrelentingly rock boys - think long grandiose phrases shouted in melodious nu-metal vocals, over lashings of metal guitar and driving drums.

But as rebellious as their name is, and as much as they vloek their way through song after song, F****polisiekar can't seem to avoid sounding loveable and sulky, rather than scary and rebellious. (At least to me... they certainly have been successful in getting the verkrampte crowd in into a bit of a state, with some even calling them "verkragters" ("rapists") of Die Taal. Which is not quite fair.)

See, they're punk - but also deeply suburban, rebels against the flawed status quo. Their middle class sincerity makes their rebellious posturing seem unintentionally amusing now and again. Their tendency to occasionally give up caring and throw a bit of a tantrum doesn't help their chances of being taken seriously as political prophets.

Luckily they do tantrums quite well, attacking most people's wilful ignorance (and perhaps their own too) on "Die Grootste Gaping". "Ons is leeg / want ons will wees". It's music that makes being angry really FUN.

That's the good stuff. It's not all so good. Now and again F***fpolisiekar are awkwardly, rather than charmingly, self indulgent, and wordy rather than lyrical. I'm not sure the words "emotionele progressie" should ever be used in a song. Ditto phrases like "Ons het ons konneksie met mekaar verloor" (on the socially-conscious "Leegle Drome Droom".) Nice sentiment but no, boys, not such klanky words!

All is forgiven, however, when they show their sensitive side on the beautifully melodic (possibly ironic) closing ballad "Tiny Town" - "Soet slaap sonder sonde vanaand" - coming to grips, and almost to peace with their pissed off persona.

- Jean Barker

As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand, was a promising debut EP. But Lugsteuring (atmosphere) proves that these hot looking, rude and slouchy Afrikaans skateboard punk rockers are not just one trick ponies who look good in dirty jeans.

Hannes 2004-11-07 07:29 AM
Ironic? How ironic that this forum - requesting [no bad language or hate speach, please] affords people actually using bad language and uttering hate speach and mocking the beliefs of others such prominence - I am sorry they might rock but they could sure do with some education - one surely don't need to string together a number of "bad language" expressions to bring your point across? But then again what else would one expect from people saying "[no bad langguage or hate speach, please]" and then affording people the opportunity to bring their bad language and hate speech across. And to term it "making it fun being angry" ??????? I am disgusted to say the least.
Jean Barker 2004-11-09 01:01 PM
Hannes: re. your comments Sorry if our review (or the publicising of the band) upset you. It's my personal belief that allowing you the chance to have your say, and allowing them the chance to have their say, is just part of my job. As you'll see if you surf around the site, we provide a huge variety of music. Most of it isn't rude at all. So I think we're more than balanced in favour of stuff that you'd find completely acceptable. Of course, rock music has always wanted to rock the boat, so you might find that the band is - ironically - rather pleased to have annoyed you! In any event, thank you for your comments.
Louise 2004-11-09 01:03 PM
Clips It's great to be able to hear the clips. I must say, I agree that the band is good. I think the swearing in the music is classic attention seeking behaviour though! You can hear they're just kids. Robbie Williams - Best of
Sid 2004-12-26 09:23 AM
Punk Rock This is some of the most challenging music being played in SA today. Do you think these guys write music for 40 something year old housewives?!! The older folk are supposed to be disgusted and shocked.... ie punk rock. Come on. Nevermind the Bollocks - the Sex Pistols
Greg 2005-07-24 12:05 PM
P**S cool Poliesiekar F#kofpoliesie kar is die wat die jeug deur gan die jeug wil rebel en hierdie band gee ons die kans om die outopies n ding te wys want vir lang arm het ek nie tyd nie ek verkies ma my mosh Dialoog in Stereo
Nadine 2005-09-28 04:19 PM
miss I like it, love the sound and they are real rock band. I like this cd an love the song ''angs anval'' it is yhe best. I would like to see them on stage this saterday and they ROCK my brother has ther so i listen to them every day...
cornell 2005-11-10 05:05 PM
polisiekar rules Quite frankly this is what I have been waiting.The emotional connection to the youth in S.A and even Namibia is inspirational. I think in my honest opinion they are the best band S.A has ever produced.Nevermind all the american sound-alike bands in S.A. Be real! Billy talent- any of their stuff!
ALEX 2005-12-28 01:07 PM

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