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Jordin Sparks

2008-03-13 05:09
It seems there's no end in sight of the hideously mutated conglomerate monster that has become American Idol. But the winner of the 6th Season, Jordin Sparks, may just add that special spark the saturated market craves. She's Kelly Clarkson before the inaugural winner started hating boys and released her unsingalongable My December, and Britney Spears before the paparazzi, failed marriages and psychotic meltdowns.
Sparks has the lung capacity for big ballads, yet has ability to hold back and not drown the musical arrangements on "Shy Boy", "Next to You" and "Now You Tell Me". That said, on occasion she does manage to belt out window rattlers like the commercial hit "No Air" duet with Chris Brown, "Permanent Monday" and "This Is My Now".

This self-titled album is flowery and unadulterated pop with a funky urban edge. But the 17-year-old's music has enough teenage angst mixed with experimental synths and riffs to keep her debut album interesting.

- Megan Kakora

The 6th item for mass consumption to come off the American Idol manufacturing line is an understated model.

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Mongezi 2008-03-13 09:07 AM
I love this cd From start to finish this is a great album to have and I love Jordin Sparks. A friend of mine influenced me to buy this album and its quite cool. My top 5 favourate songs are as follows: Tatoo, No air, Just for a record, Permanent monday and this is my now. This cd its a must have and I luved her from the American idols akthough my favourate american idols winner is Fantasia from season 3 of american idos.
Useless Reviewer 2008-03-14 09:59 PM
Too pretentious for my tastes Your reviewers are young and are trying too hard. Be natural and you would sound less contrived and deliberate. Stop trying so hard to be edgy, be real.
PEDRO FERNANDO 2008-03-21 09:52 AM
JORDIN SPARKS!!!pure emotion... WOW!!!!!!!WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VOICE,STRONG,CONFIDENT,SENSUAL,GRABBIBG,SOULFUL...the track not to miss is ''NO AIR'' what a brilliant lovesong and the sensitivity of TATOO & GOD LOVES UGLY ...theres emotion in all she sings a definite listener ...we are paying attention JORDAN..'' -PEDRO FERNANDO East Rand Stereo 93.9fm Music compiler/Radio Personality
Sally 2008-04-03 11:44 PM
Should change your name to "kak ore" More of the usual rubbish from your reviewers. You need to decide whether or not you are going to continue to use students like roper, brighton and kakora or hire some qualified reviewers.
nokubulela 2008-05-21 01:19 PM
jordin girl u rock i love all ur track in ur album ;;im intenting to get my self a dvd ;;;ooh the last track it kills me girl u ve got a voice

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