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Justin Bieber - Believe

2012-12-11 13:48
What we thought:

The big difference between this album and My Worlds: Bieber's voice has broken. While he's still got a pretty impressive range and can hit some high notes, it's clear you’re not listening to a teenybopper anymore.

This album also delves into more dance music than his previous offering. All this change is exciting but not surprising - he's young, and will probably still change quite a bit before he settles into a signature style.

But tracks such as All Around The World and As Long As You Love Me are a good fit and will set the Biebster on a good path for what is sure to be a long career.  Personally, I would have given Boyfriend a skip and launched the album with these two songs, then followed that up with the fantastic (if awfully titled) Beauty and a Beat featuring Nicki Minaj.

Best track:
Thought of You

Catchy, fresh and honest. On this track Bieber isn't singing about buying girls rings anymore (he's 18 for goodness sake!) but rather about being an infatuated youngster who's more interested in being in love than the person he's in love with. Sorry, Selena…

Worst track: Right Here (featuring Drake)

This track lacks the pulse and traction of everything else on the album. It's a lacklustre drone that sounds out of place among the upbeat, infectious ditties. I think they might have just kept it in the track listing to avoid offending Drake.

Sounds like:

Justin Bieber's growing up. While it may still be a while before his six-pack is fleshed out, he's certainly not a Baby anymore and he delivers an outstanding pop product. I can't wait for May 2013! 

Listen to a preview of Justin's album here:

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2014-04-11 16:48

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