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Kesha - Warrior

2013-01-15 12:53
What we thought:

She asks fans to send her teeth, and then she makes a necklace, bra and earrings from them.

No, I have not lost the plot, but I am sure Kesha has. And Warrior is a product of her insanity.

We all know Kesha to be one crazy chick who became famous for her grungy look and filthy hangover party tracks, but on Warrior, this image seems to be fading away. On second thought, maybe she hasn't lost the filth part…

On her previous albums, Animal and Cannibal, Kesha had a faint direction of where she was heading with her music and every song on the previous albums gelled together in a weird way. But this has seemed to go right out of the window on Warrior.

First things first: Kesha is a famed songwriter for most stars like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and The Veronica's, so this is clear on her own album as well. She wrote all 16 tracks and I have to give her credit for being a rather good songwriter.

But, when it comes to her voice and the music... This is where I kind of start losing it.

When the words of the song are about love and other rather harmonious things, Kesha attempts to break the sound barrier with her voice, rather than turn it down a notch.

She's very capable of releasing songs where she doesn't belt out the notes, like on her previous albums ("The Harold Song"- Animal). This makes me wonder what she's trying to achieve on Warrior, because she really fails at mixing up her tone of voice with the right tracks.

Then there is also the issue of her auto tuning her voice beyond recognition... I don’t remember when this amount of auto tuning was EVER legalised?

The rest of the album seems to fall around and doesn’t maintain perfect pitch. It's like Kesha's album itself is drunk and stumbling around in your CD player.

Not Kesha's best and might I add, certainly her worst. Time for me to tend to my injured ears...

Best Track:

"Die Young" - Probably the only single of her latest album that will achieve success. It reminds you of some of her earlier work and will have you dancing to the beat.

Worst Track:

All 15 of the other tracks - Not even something to write home about. Sloppy and noisy.

Sounds like:

A weapon of mass destruction

Listen to some snippets from Warrior here:

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