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Kosheen - Kokopelli - Now, or never were?

2006-03-29 18:33

Back in 2001 when straight outta Bristol band Kosheen unleashed their debut album, Resist, on a beat hungry dance scene they were heralded as the drum 'n' bass act most likely to achieve that elusive crossover status. Well it didn't really happen. So now they're trying again, this time ditching their drum 'n bass roots and letting slip a previously unexpected affection for 80s style Goth rock.

Gone are the urgent, two-step beats and drum 'n' bass torch songs, traded-in for Evanescence-style metal-edged pop guitars, ravaged melodies and stifling melancholic sculptures.

With the tech-metal stylings of "Wasting My Time", the radio ready alternative Goth drone of the single "All in Head", the malevolent strains of "Avalanche" and the murky Depeche Mode leanings of "Wish" it's all too easy to imagine Kosheen as simply trying to leap onto the current electro-clash bandwagon.

And indeed they would be just another in a seemingly endless string of miserable guitar bands currently mining the retro Goth resurgence if it wasn't for their lead singer. Yes, Sian Evans is back with the same haunting, folk-hued vocals that made Kosheen so evocative the first time round. Even better, she's also more than equipped with the drama and longing needed to pull off their transformation.

Could Kosheen be "the" crossover success story? They seem to be heading that way, with evocative vocals, an interesting though sometimes murky mish-mash mix of musical moods.


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