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Londonbeat - Gravity - Londonbeat - Gravity

2006-03-29 21:05

Londonbeat began as a quartet in 1987, releasing acapella songs they hoped would show off their vocal and harmonising skills. Seen by many as a "one-hit wonder" after the success of their 1991 number one hit "I've been thinking about you", Londonbeat have long sought to prove that they are in fact the "real thing".

In 1995 the group split and after eight years apart reunited with a new album Where are You? and the single "Back in the Hi-Life" in 2003.

Unfortunately their sound is more dated than nostalgic. Gravity lacks anything new or exciting that might set it apart from other bands of the same outmoded sound - think Milli Vanilli, C+C Music Factory and oh, no, are they channelling Rick Astley? Have a listen to the song clips from the CD (in the box on the left) to hear for yourself.

- Raymond Kilfoil

Londonbeat return with their new album, "Gravity", sounding unmistakeably '80s. Acknowledging their roots, they include their previous number one hit, "I've been thinking about you", alongside the new singles ,"Heaven" and "I Believe".

Zola Pieterse 2006-11-06 02:13 PM
I remember them Great review, but tracks on right not left...

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