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Louise Carver - Look to the Edge

2010-02-24 11:19
Look to the Edge
Embracing traditional African drum rhythms, polished electro and R&B it’s emblematic of everything the sultry songbird’s 4th studio album, Looking to the Edge represents. Sama-nominated rapper Zulu Boy’s vernacular rhymes provide a funky counterfoil to Louise’s refreshingly pop titillations, confirming the new direction she takes with this album. It’s an anthem that’s guaranteed to make all strong, independent Cosmo girls want to put on smoky sexy make-up, sexy clothes and go dancing with their girlfriends!

The next few songs take on a more relaxed, chilled vibe. "These Days" comments on how complicated relationships can be. Louise also writes about love, and how difficult it is to keep the flame burning whilst constantly being on the road. In "Always Be There" she sings "There are days when I just can’t figure it out…My emotions constantly changing". Her simple confession is true for all of us, because hey, who has it all figured out? Standing up for oneself and being brave is okay, says Louise with a frank, "You call my name, I say no way. I'm not coming back this time" on goodbye ballad "Don’t Wanna Know".

Musically, Louise is also in a more fun and feistier mood than we’ve ever heard her before. On the smooth and funky "Honey It’s Time to Go" she tells her one night stand exactly what time it is: it's time to drive him home.

So if you're more of a tinting-waxing-plucking kind of gal than a cycling-hiking-surfing one, this collection of "menicures" is essential listening for you. So get in your car, slip this CD in and buff away!

"Put your weapons down, victory is mine, clear the area; I’m your new leader" states Louise Carver on African electro-pop opener "Warrior".

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