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Malik - Bekezela

2008-03-10 15:08
Malik has actually been around for a while. He scored a Top 30 slot in the very first Coca – Cola Pop Stars talent search. So no doubt, brother man is talented but the man still needs to up his game because something is missing. The basic ingredients are there but he lacks the main crucial ingredient – ORIGINALITY. Firstly, his debut I am Free was a house album and he was hailed as the next house muso to watch out for. Now he has returned with his second album and it’s on an Afro-pop and R&B tip.

Bekezela is produced by Kyllex, m’rapper Amu, Bongani Fassie and Ishmael who add significant weight to some of the tracks. “Thatha Konke” featuring Mchangana is one of the winners, it’s like a Xhosa/Zulu slow version of Gnarles Barkley’s hit “Crazy”. “Baxabene” a Mirriam Makeba song also sang by urban Zulu singer Busi Mhlongo, is a potent jam with live guitar and a new school vibe. “Nami Ngy'z'funa” is an Ishmael track that Malik has upgraded with catchy dancehall beats and his smooth falsetto voice that’s quite infectious... but we’ve heard it all before! Pick of the pack is “Nkari imali” also featuring Mchangani. Purely original and sung in Shangaan, it’s a fresh flava that’s never been done before. Now only if Mr Malik could produce more songs like this he would increase his fan base.

-Gugulethu Mkhabela
Voice? Yes. Looks? Oh Yes. Catchy tunes? Yebo! Then why haven’t we heard much about this Malik guy before? More especially since this is his second album. His debut didn’t create much of a hype but hopefully Bekezela - which is Zulu/ Xhosa for “hold on” - is a testament that Malik is going to be around until Mzansi looks up and opens their ears to his sound.



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