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Mario Frangoulis - Follow your heart

2006-03-29 19:59

Up and coming prince of schmaltz Mario Frangoulis, who features on the new Cole Porter Biopic soundtrack (De-Lovely), bridges the gap between demanding classical and easily digestible pop on Follow Your Heart.

The accessible, unfairly good looking new Latino tenor is likely to infuriate most classical music fans. But he'll also popularise the music they love by providing it to ordinary music fans in easy-to-swallow form.

Maybe that's why his fans reviewing the CD on other websites quite often describe this as "great background music", nothing original or distinctive here - just nice noise to pretty up the atmosphere without disturbing your regular brain waves.

Follow Your Heart features a blend of repackaged classical standards and original compositions smoothly and sexily rendered. The poppy arrangements take the edge off the real thing, making it easier to digest. Think backing singers, light drums and soaring violins.

The arrangements invite the listener to just stop thinking and submit to sentiments. And it encourages you to accept sensual urges too, some of them somewhat daring. On "Bridge of dreams" he tells the story of how a visiting friend of his mother took him from boyhood to, er... manhood. On "Dance" he urges you to forget where your feet land and just dance. (Insert mental images of older women swooning, the volume on high, the finger on the remote turning it up higher and higher.)

If stuff like that embarrasses you, fair enough. Don't go near Mario Frangoulis. But if you enjoy the feel of classical but find listening to full opera hard work, Mario Frangoulis is certain to sweep you off your feet.

- Jean Barker


If you like Russell Watson, then you will like Mario Frangoulis. This album is a bit more up-tempo, very easy listening and quite different from what's in the top 20. Mildly classical, romantic and good background music.
- a visitor to

...the Enrique Iglesias of classical music takes his sensuous tenor into stimulating new territory on his latest recording.
- Musica online

If you follow your heart, not your head, this collection of easy listening classically flavoured pieces will go down like a dream.

Lorraine 2004-11-09 08:56 AM
Ms Fantastic Yes
popi zolas 2004-11-09 08:40 PM
Ms Beautiful passionate music sometimes- Mario Frangoulis

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