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Pink - The Truth About Love

2012-11-20 13:55
What we thought:

Six albums later and she still has not lost her touch!

Many of us may have been walking a close path with Pink since she hit the scene in 2000, and 12 years later she still manages to captivate.

As she states in her side note of the CD cover, these 12 years has been a path she's been walking not with herself, but with her fans. And as she's grown, so have they.

And this is clearly evident on The Truth About Love. I believe she has outdone herself this time around, clearly raising the bar
on the mediocre pop scene out there at the moment.

Many artists find themselves fearing the truth of their lyrics and they hold back. And we know Pink has never held back. This time, The Truth About Love has Pink opening up about her deepest emotions and saying it like it should be said.

Ranging from songs about heartbreak, to the party starters she is most popular for, Pink returns to her roots in the best way possible.

We also see her collaborating with more artists such as Lilly Rose Cooper (Lilly Allen), F.U.N's frontman Nate Ruess and Eminem. I was afraid at first that Pink might be losing herself to collaborating with half of Hollywood just to stay popular, but this is not the case.

Unlike Taylor Swift, Adele and Carly Rae Jepsen, Pink manages to make you smile at the thought of a broken heart, and still makes you feel uplifted.

Her latest album contains many references to her own love life, and provides a good listen, a few tears and even a laugh or two.

Scrap Adele off  your playlist if you are going through a breakup and put on your dancing shoes and some Pink. She might just reveal the truth about love...

Best track:

"Blow me (One Last Kiss)" - This is probably my favourite Pink song EVER. Signature Pink-style, filled with the hints of a pending revolution against those lovers who keep you on a string, "Blow Me" will be heard on radio station playlists for a long time to come.

Worst track:

"Just Give Me a Reason ft. Nate Ruess" - The chemistry between their voices is awful, the melody sucks, with lyrics that have you questioning Pink's sanity at times.

Sounds like:

The Truth About Love reminds you a lot of Pink's earlier works (I'm Not Dead, Try This), but with a bit of Funhouse in between.

Listen to snippets from Pink's new album here:

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