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Prime Circle - Best Of (CD/DVD)

2007-11-28 15:06
If you love Prime Circle, there’s nothing much here you haven’t already heard. All the sing-along hits like "Hello", "Same Goes For You" and “Let Me Go” are here. And the new single “Moments” has already been drummed into our heads from the Spar adverts, so you’re not missing much there either. The one gem on the album is the Café d’Afrique mix of "As Long As I Am Here".

In the original, the chord progressions sound rather monotonous, but in this remix it works so well with the echoes of Learmonth’s voice. Maybe they should do a chilled house album. Unfortunately, that’s where the praises begin and end. This Best Of is boring with a big 'B'.
So what about the complimentary DVD? Well, it boasts an overly dramatic video for "Live This Life" and a sickeningly nostalgic photo gallery – complete with swooshing noises as if you were actually turning the pages of an album. At least there’s a measure of consistency. Just as their tracks all sound like variations of each other, the same photo of the drummer with his drums can be seen from three different angles. Deep, man.

- Samantha Brighton

What is the point of "Best of" albums? If you’re a fan, chances are you have all the previous albums with all your personal favourite tracks, and then some.


Beverley Connor 2008-03-01 03:42 AM
Best of Prime Circle Fantastic CD. Luv the sound. Im living in New Zealand so please tell me where I can get this album? Cheers
craig pelser 2008-05-14 08:57 PM
Best of Prime Circle prime circle is my all time best band. If i had to compare the they would top bands like Sether, The Peppers(RHCP) Cant wait to see them live again Craig from East London South Africa

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