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Roger Goode

2009-02-06 10:55
Saturday Surgery, Vol. 4
Dancefloor fiends will welcome this 4th volume iin the good doctor's Saturday Surgery sessions. The two CDs are crammed with pumping floor fillers selected by South Africa's most well known house DJ. As with any house compilation comprised of a whopping 31 tracks, there will be sounds to suit  - and annoy - everyone, but it will give you a good idea of what was filling house club floors in 2008.

While the first CD boasts well known hip shakers such as "Baditude" from Dave Spoon and Paul Harris, its fresher, funkier tunes like the Juan Diaz remix of Goldfish's "Hold Tight" that should really get you excited. The second CD has a more mellow jazzy sound to it, but none the less every track has a solid beat. There's also a refreshing absence of house cheese, you know those four-to-the-floor tunes we have all been forced to listen to in some backwater club somewhere?

Interestingly enough, this time around Goode also experiments with his cover design, deviating from previous darker themes and colours for some kind of cosmic explosion complete with planets, robots, weird looking animals, fungi, flying cards and let's not forget the sexy nurse 'hiding' in the corner. 'Hardcore' fans can even unfold the cover into a mini-poster.
If you've been to a dance party over the weekend or merely been cruising around tuned into 5fm, you're guaranteed to have heard Roger Goode's smooth house surgery.


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