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Rose Kemp - Unholy Majesty

2008-08-20 14:28
So, where to start? Rose Kemp is a youngster with a strong a musical heritage. Her parents are Rick Kemp and Maddy Prior of 60s British folk favourites Steeleye Span.

She fearlessly meshes disparate sounds and textures to create what could be termed as 'gothic' folk with a tinge of werewolf howling at the full moon. This is fiercely experimental, progressive rock music that will appeal to the dark souls out there.

Epic in scope and grandiose in delivery, Kemp evokes the similarly independent spirits of Kate Bush and label-mate Bjork, with a sonic palette that traverses the glacial and macabre sounds of Sigur Ros and Metallica, with Kemp’s haunting operatic vocals upping the drama factor with each track.

Opener "Dirt Glow" is a bruising and that sounds as if it was recorded in the dead of night, on the edge of a lonely cliff, with the waves crashing violently below. Standout track "Saturday Night" is a sinister, slow-burning love song while the lilting "Nature’s Hymn" illustrates Kemp’s impressive range.

She may be described as a thinking person’s Evanescence, just to make her seem more accessible - but Rose Kemp is definitely not for the faint-hearted. She could be summoning all kinds of demons with that voice.

But with such high production values and textured songs, Unholy Majesty could prove to be a grower. And Rose Kemp is undoubtedly a unique talent, although many may never have the chance to hear it for themselves.

- Shaheema Barodien

According to iTunes, Rose Kemp’s latest album is "unclassifiable". Bless Apple’s enterprising heart – even iTunes' extensive genre range is stumped by this bewildering album.



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