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The Arrows

2008-04-05 06:57
Gorgeous pianist and vocalist Pamela De Menezes, the wild-haired Christie Desfontaine ondDrums and Bongani Zondi’s amused bass moves come together on a barcode-free EP that bounds from radio-friendly pop formula to another, selling the word of the Lord, urging you to "stop listening to your head" and follow your heart (to heaven) instead. It’s tempting to do just that, with eternal damnation on the one hand, and Pamela… well, Pamela… on the other.

Besides, you don’t have much of a choice. Whether derivative or brilliant, almost every one of the five tracks is a pop gem so catchy that it’ll be stuck in your head. "In the Words of Satan" in particular, is a frisky little creationist song about partying and hedonism sung by Pamela as the Devil, that reminds you just how much fun sin can be.

Luckily for the sinners among us, all The Arrrows' best songs about God can be saved for the unsaved - they work just as well when addressed to a lover instead.
- Jean Barker

Talented, sexy, passionate and extremely religious, this Christian pop trio are like a mini musical crusade, conquering pop genres for Jesus.



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