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The Cat Empire - Two Shoes

2008-05-07 07:40
Imagine you’re lying on a beach in Havana under a swaying palm leaf drinking your cocktail and you’ll have tracks like "Days Like These", "Party Started" and "Hello" playing in the background of this idyllic experience.

Once you’ve had enough of the sun you’ll head off to the Salsa club and a beautiful woman that you’ve been admiring comes up to you and whispers "Young man, I’ll show you some rhythm" ("The Rhythm"). You start swaying your hips, a cool sip over your lips and "Can you hear the ocean roar?" ("In My Pocket").
There’s a song for every good time on this album. The storytelling makes it so relatable; it feels like you’re listening to your mate or your brother. Except, instead of his crappy six string you’ve got an amazing collaboration between easy percussion, sultry trumpets, deep trombones and funky turntables underscoring this refreshing musical portrait of island life.

Havana is far from home for these Aussies but that’s the reason this album is so alive. The first half was recorded at producer Andy Baldwin’s house back in 2002, when "Two Shoes" was originally released. And the latter half was recorded in Havana in 2004. It has been re-released in 2006 and successfully so because luckily, everyone still enjoys a party.

Tap on your desk, bob your knee, follow the beat with your eyebrows or just let rip and start dancing. Whatever your style, you won’t be able to sit still while listening to this album.

- Sam Brighton

Here are six guys, a bottle of rum and a lot of wicked guest artists making an album that defines a party. Reggae, rap, rock, pop and Latin music are fused together for a distinguished sound characterised by a genuine Australian accent and quick, cute lyrics: "It's days like these/ that make us happy/ like a puppy getting lucky with Lassie – hassle free". That’s gotta make you smile.


Research Assistant 2008-05-08 01:44 PM
Australian music? Who would have guessed? tch...tch...tch Little help for the ignorant; Australian musicians: Crowded House, AC/DC, John Farnham, Midnight Oil, INXS, Men at Work, The Vines, Jet, Wolfmother, Savage Garden, John Paul Young, Olivia Newton-John, Air Supply, Kylie and Jason, and wait for it the BEE GEES! Born in the UK raised in Australia

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